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3 Best FireFox Addons That Will Help You To Organize and Schedule Daily Browsing

schedule browser page openMany of us spend most of our (free) time online. The Internet has turned into the solid source of income, the major assistant in any research, the best source of (timely) information and the effective way to keep in touch with relatives and friends (even if they live nearby).

Using so many online tools and frequenting so many different websites, we tend to find our browsing habits quite hectic. Is there any way that could help us browse the web in a more organized way?

Let’s take a look at the three FireFox addons that allow you to get more organized (and productive) with your daily, weekly and even monthly browsing.

1. Morning Coffee

Morning Coffee is the oldest, the most reviewed and the most basic addon of all the three listed here. With it, you can set multiple pages to open all at once in separate tabs whenever you want (once you click “Load My Morning Coffee” from the bookmarks toolbar icon).

The addon allows the following options for effective daily and weekly browsing management:

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  • Set to open your most important pages daily;
  • Set to open other sites (e.g. those that get updated less frequently or those that do not require as much attention) on a specified day of the week / twice a week / three times a week / on weekdays only / on weekends only

Simple and easy – just what many people are looking for in an addon!

schedule browser open

2. Page Scheduler

Page Scheduler has very rich scheduling options (most of which you are unlikely to ever need though). With it you can schedule to:

  • Load the page every “n” days;
  • Load the page every weekend or every weekday;
  • Load the page within the specified period of time;
  • Load the page within the set time range;
  • Load the page on the specified day of the week (e.g. every Monday) – in the “Weekly” tab in Settings
  • Load the page every “Nth” week day of the month (e.g. every first Monday of the month) – in the “Monthly” tab in Settings
  • Load the page on the set date of each year (e.g. on January, 1 every year)

Page Schedular

3. My Weekly Browsing Schedule

My Weekly Browsing Schedule (we have reviewed “My Weekly Browsing Schedule” on MUO) is the most advanced addon here but then again, it all boils down to what your actual needs are. Besides that, it’s the only addon from this list which is available in FireFox 4 in the experimental release (so if you have switched, it’s the only options for you).

Quick note: The addon icon wasn’t visible immediately after the installation, which for me happens quite often, so you may have to navigate “View” -> “Toolbars” -> “Customize” to find and install the icon.

The addon allows you to:

  • Load the selected pages on the specified day of the week at the specified time;
  • Use the “Catchup” option that loads the pages in case you were not using the browser at the scheduled time;
  • Use the “StartUp” feature for any page (this will open the page on the browser startup;

The tool also allows a few handy option to add pages to the schedule:

  • You can add multiple pages from bookmarks (use Shift + Click to select multiple pages);
  • You can use the Import feature to import a list of Websites from a simple text file

You can also organize your scheduled pages by groups and search through them – which potentially makes it possible to use the addon as the bookmarking tool that opens pages automatically.

schedule browser open

Putting this all together…

Morning Coffee Page Scheduler My Weekly Browsing Schedule
Compatibility Firefox 2.0b1 – 3.6. 3.5 – 3.6. (available in FF 4 in beta)
The ability to manage weekly browsing Yes Yes Yes
“Load all scheduled pages now” feature Yes Yes No (“Open Websites Now” only opens pages for a particular Day and Time Interval)
The ability to schedule monthly browsing No Yes No
The ability to schedule yearly browsing No Yes No
The ability to set the exact time when the page should load No No (only time range) Yes
Works via Toolbar icon Toolbar icon Toolbar icon
Best feature Very simple to use, no clutter, user-friendly Rich scheduling options for any imaginable needs Allows to create a very specific weekly browsing schedule


Are you aware of any other FireFox addons that allow to manage, organize or automate your browsing? Do you know any similar extensions for other browsers? Please share your tips in the comments!

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