‘F*** you and your fake vegan cafes’

The owners of a cult vegan cafe have admitted to loyal customers that they are now eating and slaughtering their own animals for meat. Picture: FacebookThe owners of one of Los Angeles’ most popular vegan restaurants, Cafe Gratitude, have come under attack, and reportedly been sent death threats after the couple made the decision to start eating meat again.Spending more than 40 years as vegetarians, and the past 12 as vegans — Terces Engelhart and husband Matthew have enraged the customers that used to love them over their dietary decision, which includes slaughtering their own livestock at their Be Love Farm in Northern California.After 40 years as a vegetarian, and 12 as a vegan, the owners of Cafe Gratitude have decided to bring meat back into their diet. And vegans are not happy. Picture: FacebookSource:FacebookThe fate of this lamb is unknown. Picture: FacebookSource:FacebookThe pair announced in a blog post last year that they were reintroducing meat back into their diet. While vegan customers basically ignored the post, and continued to dine at the famous eatery, outrage emerged after race-car driver, environmental activist, and noted vegan Leilani Munter broke the year-old news to Twitter. Ms Munter’s post created a social stir, with customers taking to the cafe’s Instagram, Facebook and Twitter account to vent their “disappointment” in the meat-eating duo, labelling the pair as “scum”.“So, now it’s not about animal welfare? You guys are such terrible scum,” one Instagram user posted on an image of the cafe’s farm.“I am so disappointed that the farm and your restaurants chose to bury this new development into the farm blog over a year ago, instead of being upfront and honest with your vegan customers and giving them a chance to choose whether or not to continue eating the food from Be Love Farm,” another added.“I feel that my trust was violated. I will sadly not be eating at the restaurants anymore.” What makes you happy? #questionoftheday Cafe Gratitude Arts District. Beautiful photo from @eater_la, showcasing the stunning interior designed by @wendylhaworth. #cafegratitude #artsdistrict #design Cafe Gratitude took to Facebook to try and stabilise the vegan vortex, saying that despite recent revelations, “Café Gratitude and Gracias Madre have always served and will continue to serve 100 per cent organic, plant-based cuisine prepared with ingredients sourced responsibly from vendors and farmers who share our commitment to preserving the integrity of the environment”.The page admitted that although the owners don’t personally follow a vegan diet, they assured their once dedicated customers that the pair “are not selling their animals for consumption or profit”.The cafe’s response to the social storm was simply met with more disgruntled feedback.“That’s disgusting that the founders are not following what they are preaching … You are killing animals you are idiots,” one Facebook user wrote.“Sorry — not…

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