‘Imagine a world without black’ post condemned


Screengrab: Facebook

Cape Town – Allan Olivier is the latest person to send social media users into a tirade after a post suggesting the world would be a better place without black people.

“Imagine a world without black. Heaven on earth that is what I would call it,” read Olivier’s post.

Olivier, who is from Cape Town and lives in Joburg, did not respond to a message for a comment, but many Facebook users condemned his post.

Christmas Jordan said she believed everyone on earth was created by God and in his image, and the Olivier was rude in making the statement.

“He would say differently if one of his parents or both were black. What a sad comment from a sad person. We should feel sorry for him. He can judge but wait until he meets his maker.”

Johnie Williams said that the comment was dumb because “where there are not Africans or blacks, there would certainly be no Caucasians, Europeans, Asians, Indians or anyone else”.

“The list goes on, but the facts remain, had not the first Africans not left Africa there would be no one else on the planet otherwise.”

Tebello Mokgalaka, who was shocked by the comment, did some further investigation on Olivier’s Facebook page and was left appalled. “This Allan Olivier guy is a proper racist, he’s not even ashamed. I went through his timeline and I’m still shocked.”

Olivier sports the orange, white and blue Union of South Africa flag as his cover photo and has a number of posts that could be deemed racist.

Recently social media has been a platform for many to share their racist posts.

Some of the more well-known ones belong to Penny Sparrow and Matthew Theunissen, who both had social media up in arms.

Last month, Theunissen wrote in a Facebook post, “So no more sporting events from South Africa. I’ve never been more proud than to say our government are a bunch or K*****… Yes I said it, so go F*** yourselves you black f****** C****.”

He made the post after Sports Minister Fikile Mbalula announced that South Africa would not be able to bid for international sporting tournaments for failing to meet transformation goals.

After an investigation by the South African Human Rights Commission, Theunissen was given community service, which he agreed to. He will be doing his community service for s…

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