Ronaldo: ‘Capello isn’t smart’

Ronaldo decries Fabio Capello as “not very bright” and discusses his injury problems at Inter.

The former striker sat down with Radio Onda Cero to discuss his career, and revealed some details of his time at Real Madrid.

“At Real Madrid I arrived late for training twice in the same week, and the first time [Arrigo] Sacchi gave me a lecture and a fine,” Ronaldo recalled.

“The second time, before he started speaking, I told him to choose either the lecture or the fine. Capello? He wasn’t very bright, he’s not among my best Coaches.

“[President] Florentino [Perez] told me to stay at home more and not go out so much. He gave [Luis] Figo as an example, but I told him if I had the wife Figo had then I’d spend more time at home too!”

Ronaldo scored 59 goals in 99 appearances for Inter, but he missed the best part of three seasons with two severe knee injuries.

“In the first 10 years of my career I trained very badly, in the sense that I was given the wrong method of training.

“Many times I had to run like Roberto Carlos and Cafu, and I couldn’t do it. Because of the collective training I suffered a lot of injuries, and my times on the sidelines were very long.

“With the first I was out for a year and four months, the second a year and two months. There hadn’t been any previous players with an injury like that.

“They didn’t know how to treat it, they didn’t have the physiotherapy technique. But I wanted to come back, I didn’t want to quit football because of an injury.

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