10 Free MP3 Albums To Download [Sound Sunday, November 28th Edition]

where can I download free mp3sSound Sunday is a weekly appreciation of new artists and free music.

This edition concludes the month of November with an emotional ride through genres. Peaceful ambient, soul, pop, folk, and gospel is mixed up by funk, rock, and metal. I hope you enjoyed the widgets introduced last week because they’re back. However, music from sources that don’t provide a stream will not be excluded, so this week I included both.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the first item in the list. Herbst (autumn) is not an album, but a free song. It’s a bonus for the first Advent weekend. Enjoy!

Dada – Herbst

Genre: pop, soul

free album download Fola Dada is a German vocal coach, dance teacher, and singer/songwriter. Since 2005 she has been coaching young talents in the German Idol show ‘Deutschland sucht den Superstar’. Her band Dada is completed by Mathias, Martin, and Daniel.

To download the song Herbst (autumn) from Dada’s Homepage, click on “Dada laden”. You can also preview the selftitled debut album Dada on their homepage (player in top left).

Dada MySpace and Homepage.

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brk – a chronicle of our exploration

Genre: drum n bass, electronic, space, glitch hop

brk is an artist from Los Angeles, California. He doesn’t reveal a lot about himself.  His album a chronicle of our exploration has been out for a year. Hence, the free download credits on Bandcamp may be coming to an end. It’s an album worth having, so get it for as long as it lasts!

The album is a name your price download from Bandcamp.

brk MySpace and Facebook.

Machinae Supremacy – Fury

Genre: alternative,  metal, rock, sid metal, game music, soundtrack

mp3 album download Machinae Supremacy is a band founded in Sweden in the year 2000. After conquering the underground music scene and building a solid fanbase, they were finally offered a record deal with Pinefarm Records (Nightwish) in 2006.

Download the 2004 – 2006 compilation Fury one song at a time from their Homepage. The songs are available as .mp3 and .flac files.

Machinae Supremacy MySpace and Homepage.

Modern Science – selftitled

Genre: alternative, indie, funk, pop, rock

Best friends Kane Churko and Mike McHugh have made music together for several years. Modern Science is their band and their 2009 debut album. Warm up to this funky music as they are getting ready to release their second album.

Modern Science is a free download from Bandcamp. Alternatively, you can buy a physical copy for 10 bucks and get the band’s autograph on it!

Modern Science MySpace and Homepage.

RockMastersBand – Taking Liberties

Genre: rock, psychedelic, blues

how to download music free You’re looking at the debut album from Finnish RockMastersBand. While the band is currently returning to the studio to work on the follow-up album, you can enjoy unpretentious Scandinavian rock. Great music doesn’t require bells and whistles.

Taking Liberties is a free download from the band’s Homepage. You can download individual songs as .mp3s or the entire album in a .zip file.

RockMastersBand MySpace and Homepage.

Kudos Fiasco – Changer

Genre: lyrical, rock, soul

Changer is the debut EP of the Australian band Kudos Fiasco. Formerly the Brothers Juengling, Benny and Dan are nor joined by Matt Milns and Tim Mac. For this album they transformed a spare room at their house into a studio. They are currently hoping to be elected as support act for Bon Jovi.

Changer is a free download from Bandcamp.

Kudos Fiasco MySpace and Homepage.

Artillerie – Eradefiled

Genre: metal, metalcore, thrash

legal download From their ReverbNation page: “Armed with an extreme edge of brutality and musicianship, in a very short span of time Artillerie has established a reputation for its relentless live performances and intensely aggressive and technical songwriting. Artillerie is a 5 member metal mayhem squad from Delhi, and have been playing together for almost 3 years. They are currently considered to be one of the country’s premier upcoming extreme metal acts.

The album is a free download from the band’s Homepage.

Artillerie MySpace and Homepage.

The Max – I Need A Friend

Genre: indie, pop, rock

Born out of several other bands from in and around Nashville, Tennessee, The Max unites well experienced  musicians that have great fun making music. Professional recording engineers Adam Deane and Matt Coles have worked on “numerous hit records with the best Nashville has to offer“, so they know how to make records.

Download I Need A Friend from NoiseTrade or preview and download from the NoiseTrade box on the lefthand side below.

The Max MySpace and Homepage.

Love is Like Pancakes – Earth

Genre: ambient, electronic, game music, open source

Love is Like Pancakes is the solo project of Kole, a tech journalist and SEO expert. A former composer of music for video games and a die hard fan of the open source movement, he decided to combine both skills and produce open source music. You may download and use his work free of charge. More information here.

Download the album from their Homepage or preview and download it through the NoiseTrade box on the lefthand side above.

Love is Like Pancakes Twitter and Homepage.

Jane Lui – Goodnight Company

Genre: pop, indie, folk

Classically trained in voice and piano, Jane Lui’s singing is skillfully tender, soulful, and vulnerable. “The third record, Goodnight Company, was co-produced with Aaron Bowen (San Diego). Bursts of electronica, funk, old-timey, & folk give away her eclectic influences with uses of melotron, dixieland jazz, field recordings, gospel choirs, and music boxes.

Download Jane’s album from NoiseTrade or preview and download from the righthand NoiseTrade box below.

Jane Lui MySpace and Homepage.

Sara Groves – O Holy Night Tour Live: The Prison Show

Genre: alternative, christian, pop, gospel

Christmas will soon be upon us. Hence we close this edition of Sound Sunday with something for the season. The album was recorded at a women’s prison in Illinois. The talented singer/songwriter Sara Groves says:

We are giving this recording away for free so that you can enjoy the rawness of this night of music, and hear the fellowship we experienced.

This album is a free download from Noise Trade. You can also preview and download the album from the lefthand NoiseTrade box above.

Sara Groves MySpace and Homepage.

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