10 Ingenious Bookmarklets To Make You a Google Power User

If you love all that Google has to offer, but are not particularly fond of the browser extensions available, then this list is for you. Here are 10 great bookmarklets for Google that range from search options to very specific tasks.

To use them, drag the bookmarklet link into your bookmarks toolbar. Then you can rename it to whatever you want just like any other bookmark. Then just click it whenever you need it — Simple!

Google Maps

The Google Maps bookmarklet pops up a simple prompt. Just enter the address of the location you would like to see a map for and Google Maps will display it in a new tab. You can then use the full features of Google Maps to obtain directions, see nearby locations, or just use the map view.

Drag this to your bookmarks: Google Maps Bookmarklet


Google Definitions

The Google Definitions bookmarklet is terrific for quick word meanings. Just highlight the word on any page and click the bookmarklet. A new tab will then open with the Google definition of the word, complete with pronunciation and synonyms.

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Drag this to your bookmarks: Google Definitions Bookmarklet


Google Bookmark

For a quick and easy way to add a bookmark to your Google account, the Google Bookmark bookmarklet works perfectly. If you are not logged in to Google, it will prompt you to do so.

After that you will see a pop-up with details pre-populated that you can edit. Those details include name, URL, labels, and notes. You can also click to see all of your Google bookmarks.

Drag this to your bookmarks: Google Bookmark Bookmarklet


Google Calendar Add Event

The Google Calendar bookmarklet is really handy for adding an event to your Google Calendar. You are first prompted to enter a name for your event. Once submitted, you are taken directly to your Google Calendar to complete the details for that event. The name entered on the prompt is already entered for you, but you can edit it if needed.

Drag this to your bookmarks: Google Calendar Bookmarklet


Google Translate

For when you come across a page or article in a foreign language, the Google Translate bookmarklet is convenient. When you click it, the page will refresh and should give you your native language translation. If not, you have several options for which language to translate to, so that it can be done manually.

Drag this to your bookmarks: Google Translate Bookmarklet


Google Web Search

For a fast way to search Google, the simple Google Search bookmarklet just prompts you for the search term. The Google Search page will then display in your tab with the results. It works exactly like the search box, if you have one, in your toolbar. But, if you want to save some space by removing that search box, you can use this Google Web Search bookmarklet instead.

Drag this to your bookmarks: Google Web Search Bookmarklet


Google Image Search

The Google Image Search bookmarklet works just like the Google Web Search where you are prompted for a search term. The results of your search will display Google Images for the term you entered in your open tab.

Drag this to your bookmarks: Google Image Search Bookmarklet


Google Site Search

The Google Site Search bookmarklet will search the website you are visiting for the search term you enter. You again are prompted to enter your term and after submitting it, your window will display all links within that site containing your term.

On the page displayed, you can see your search term along with the name of the site in the Google Search box. This is a good bookmarklet if the site you are visiting does not have a search feature or site map.

Drag this to your bookmarks: Google Site Search Bookmarklet


Google Cache

The Google Cache bookmarklet is not one that you would probably use often, but it is still useful. This one will show the cached version of the page you are viewing. It will also display the date and time of the snapshot you see.

Drag this to your bookmarks: Google Cache Bookmarklet


Gmail This

For emailing a link to the page you are currently viewing, the Gmail This bookmarklet is ideal. If you are logged in to Google, you will receive a pop-up of your Gmail. The page title is in the subject line and the URL is within the body of the email.

All other Gmail features you are used to seeing are there for formatting, attachments, and your “from” email selection. This is just a quick way to send the URL of a page.

Drag this to your bookmarks: Gmail This Bookmarklet


Which Google Bookmarklets are Your Favorites?

Bookmarklets are terrific for saving space instead of installing toolbars or even in place of browser extensions. Do you use any of these bookmarklets or have others that you like for Google tools?

If you have compared the bookmarklets to the browser extensions, which do you prefer and why? We would love to hear from you in the comments below!

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