10 Places To Enjoy A Free Game Of Online Battleship

online battleshipWikipedia has interesting information on Battleship, a game most of us might have played at least once in childhood. The game predates even World War 1. From paper and pencil, the game has successfully transitioned into mobiles, iPhones and iPads.

Battleship is presumably one of the earliest gameplays with more guesswork and simple rules. The simplicity of the rules (see the Wikipedia article for the rules) makes this game the favorite of backbenchers in classrooms.

The one drawback of the pencil and paper game was that you couldn’t play it alone. That’s gone now – you can play Battleship against Captain Computer. With some variations, the rules of the game are the same. So is the fun.

So let’s head out to the deep waters of the cyberworld and pit ourselves against machines or remote players. Here are ten places to enjoy a free game of Battleship.


online battleship

It’s almost granted that you will have one of the oldest “˜social’ games on today’s largest social network. And there’s quite a few of them strewn around. The ICN Facebook app which this link points to installs a toolbar (ICN Gaming Bar). However, the Flash Battleship game can be played without installing the toolbar add-on. Playing the game gives you a chance to earn some Facebook credits.

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Excel Battleship

battleship games

We have covered a few Excel games that takes a boring spreadsheet and turns it into a gaming platform. You can download the zipped file and open it up with a spreadsheet and play against the Excel “˜code’. Each ship is represented by rows of cells; e.g. 5 squares stand for an aircraft carrier and 4 stands for a battleship.

You start by positioning your ships anywhere on a 10×10 grid. Next, you click on the opponent’s grid and start guessing the location of his ships.


battleship games

Pogo has over 175 free online games. You use the search or click on the Battleship image you might find on the right. You can sign up and play, or play as a guest. Signing up connects you to other players on the Pogo gaming community. The game also has chat enabled.

The game is quite neat in appearance and play with a lot of variations and even four sets of rules. You can use any of the rules and setup challenges. Place your fleet and play with any of the modes like Powerups, Salvo, Target plus One, or Basic. As usual, the goal is to stay afloat.

Battleship Nexus

battleship games

On Bubblebox you can play Battleship in space. The side-winding game window against the background of space gives the game a quickfire feel.

Battleship: General Quarters

classic battleship game

Online Flash games are simple but fun. In the Battleship: General Quarters game, deploy your ships and shoot off your cannons. The board is 3-dimensional with neat explosion effects. Then there’s your Executive Officer who goads you to fight back after each hit. The game can also be played on Miniclip.

Bazosoft Battleships Online

classic battleship game

You can choose between two game types (Classic and Mayhem). Drag and drop your games into the blue 10×10 grid and wait for someone to join in against you for a round of Battleship. A registration on the site allows you to play five games simultaneously against anyone in the world.

You can also play as a guest using any of the three guest accounts which limits you to a total of five games in all. You have to feed in your cell co-ordinates to attack and sink ships.

Your Turn My Turn

classic battleship game

This Battleship game is a Java applet. Place your five boats on the grid. Before registering, you can try your hands on the practice games just to get a feel of the interface. What the Java applet lacks in looks, it makes up in speed as you can play a blindingly fast game against the computer.

Free Online Battleship

Enter the battle room of this online Battleship game and let the background music put you in the mood. Play a rapid-fire round against the computer’s fleet and see if you can come out on top. No log-in is required.

Sink My Ship

The Java and Ajax game site has another version of the Battleship game. You can join the worldwide community and play multi-player games or play against the server in a single player challenge. Win the battles and you could see yourself in the leaderboard.

Battleship Games

online battleship

The online Battleship games arcade site has not one but many variations of the classic Battleship game. The games are also sourced from other websites. For instance, the Battleship Advanced Mission is a full scale sea war with voiceovers and ship tonnage details. The effects are one of the best we have seen so far in the Flash games covered. The Torpedo Attack game is a variation of the Battleship scenario. You have to guess and attack the computer’s fleet with torpedoes.

Sink or float, Battleship is one of the oldest and addictive time wasters around. You blasted around with it in class probably. Now, you can do the same in the office with these online games.

Tell us about your nostalgic thoughts on the game and if you still have a favored website to play it online.

Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons

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