10 Timers And Clocks For iDevices You Can Download [iPhone, iPad, iPod]

iphone timer appAll versions of the iOS for the iPhone include Apple’s default clock app that features alarm settings, a timer, a world clock, and a stop watch. The clock app works well, but there are several pages of other free and inexpensive timer apps in the iTunes Store for both the iPhone and the iPad, the latter of which does not include a timer by default.

These timer and clock apps range from the very simple timer displays to more unique functions, such as interval timers, a few apps for timing meetings and presentations, and even a couple for clocking labor contractions.

I went through the pickings and selected ten representative apps, but you will find many more that might fit your needs. If you have a favorite timer app, please let us know about it in the comment section.

Interval Timer

The ad-based version of Interval Timer is a nifty fitness and workout app in which you can keep track of your work and rest periods during workouts.

ipad timer app

The customizable sets for high/low intensity intervals is easy to configure, and it comes with a variety of alarm sounds (Bell, Boing, HipHop, Tiger, etc.) The app integrates with the iTunes library in your iPhone so you can listen to music when the timer is running. The ads are not too obtrusive, but if you rather not see them, you can get the Pro version for .99 cents.

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Full Term

You may only use this labor contraction timer app a few times in life, but according to user comments in iTunes, it really is handy.

ipad timer app

The user interface is simple, and it includes a feature for emailing a log history of contractions. Specifying the intensity of each contraction, and adding notes to or deleting a specific contraction entry are features included in the most recent version.


The design of this multiple timer with alarms is not as attractive as it could be, but I keep Nag in my iPhone’s main utility folder because it a simple way to set a specified time without having to perform several taps to do so.

ipad timer app

Nag (.99 cents) is useful for the kitchen, meetings, parking meter reminders, etc.

Alarm Clock 4 Free

Alarm Clock 4 Free allows you to showcase the time on your iPhone or iPad. It’s an ad supported app  (the pro version is .99 cents), but when you turn your device in landscape mode, the ads disappear.

ipod timer app

The app also includes a sleep timer, notification alarms, battery level indicator, and much more.

Timer with Sections

Timer with Sections ($1.99) is another handy app I sometimes use in meetings and workshops I conduct. It allows you set up various times for parts of a meeting, presentation, workout, etc.

ipod timer app

You can leave open the visual display and glance at it when needed. During the timing, you can adjust the times, pause and skip sections, or reset it all together. The timer even continues the count when you leave the app. When you return to it the performance assistant view will recover its previous state, including elapsed time.

Your individual performance setups can be saved, edited, and used again. It would be nice however if you could customize the color scheme. I would prefer a simple black and white.

LED Photo Timer Lite

The ad supported lite version of LED Photo Timer is seriously easy to use. Launch it, tap one of the time presets for activating the shutter of your iPhone camera, start the timer, and you’re good to go.

ipod timer app

This is app is useful for when you want to include yourself in a group photo, or you when you need to steady your shot.

Seconds Free

Seconds Free is another interval setting timer with a more stylish interface than Interval Timer described above. The free version of this app however does not allow you to save your settings. The pro version is $2.99.

Seconds Free also looks great on the iPad with a large display and color coding–great for glancing over at it from a distance when you’re doing a workout.

iStandard Clock

iStandard Clock for the iPad (.99 cents) is the only app I came across that mirrors the design of Apple’s default clock app featured in the iPhone. It includes a World Clock, Stopwatch, and of course a Timer.

Unlike with the iPhone, iStandard Clock supports landscape as well as portrait view.

Night Stand for iPad

If you’re looking to prop up your iPad and display the time and weather, you might want to download the free, ad supported version of Night Stand for the iPad. The developers held back a lot of features found in the pro version (.99 cents), but it will give you idea for the look and feel of this app before you decide to purchase the full version.

The time display app might useful for when you’re charging your app and you want a useful way to view the time at night or even in the morning as you’re getting ready for work.

The free version does not provide support for Twitter and Facebook timeline displays. But it does include weather and a non-customizable RSS news feed with built-in web browser.

Easy Timer

If you need a fat, can’t-miss-it count down or count up display timer, Easy Timer might just do the trick. Easy Timer includes three presets and alarms, and can be displayed in landscape or portrait mode.

The changing bar of ads at the top of the display may be a little distracting, but maybe not from a distance.

There are over a hundred more timer apps to choose from. Let us know what you have found and favor. For other timer related applications, check out 6 Useful Desktop Time Tracking Software, 10 Different Types of Online Timers for Everyday Stuff, and 10 Powerful & Useful iPhone Camera Apps to Help You Take Better Pictures.

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