11/5/18 Nw Announcements

Good morning and welcome to The Mentalist Roadrunners news-miner is a woman hi my name is Cynthia today is Monday November 5th 2018 it’s a single day for the wide choices for today our choice for hold-hold walk on a bun choice to chicken nuggets choice the chef’s salad Northwest this is mr.
dan’s this year we’re really focusing on reading.

Both at home and at school we want to.

Congratulate the following students for reaching 100 steps.

Of independent reading both here at school and at home keep up the great work and Northwest.

Remember to read read read and love it and now for the Pledge of Allegiance please stand you and now for the northwest and today’s is another day closer to a future you please remember our school rules stay on task and comply with the thought request this is your assistant view and happy birthday to dear Berlin you.

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