11 Fantastic Browser Tools for Making and Reading QR Codes

Are people still using QR codes? They sure are and not just for company advertisements and business cards. Providing a convenient way to share websites with friends or send links to our own mobile devices, QR codes are handy tools. QR code makers are available for most browsers and for some, there are readers as well.


For Firefox

For quick code creation, QR Code for Firefox generates codes from either selected text or the URL of the page you are visiting. There is no faster way to make a QR code to zap with your mobile device than with this tool.


Another handy and fast extension is QrCodeR. This tool lets you generate QR codes from selected text or an image by right-clicking and choosing the option from your context menu. If you prefer to just capture a link to the page, the icon is displayed conveniently in your Firefox Awesome Bar, so you can just click and go.


When you want to read a QR code displayed on a website you are visiting, the QR Secret Decoder Ring extension for Firefox works well. You just right-click on the QR code and select Decode QR Code Image from your context menu. The extension will then pop open a new tab showing you the decoded text.


For Chrome

The QR Code Extension generates your code from the URL of the tab you are currently on along with good options for editing. Although it automatically populates a link to the page, you can add free text, contact information, a phone number, and an option to send it via SMS. You can also change the size from 50 up to 300 pixels and save or share it.


For a fast, one-click way to create a code from a URL, Quick QR is a great Chrome extension. Just click the icon in your toolbar and your QR code is displayed. There may not be editing or saving options, but if you simply want to capture the page with your mobile device, this is a quick option.


QuickMark QR Code Extension is a terrific tool that both generates and decodes. With this handy tool you can right-click on any QR code to read it. For creating codes, you can either right-click an empty space on the website you are visiting or highlight specific text to generate your code. So, for an extension that both creates and reads QR codes, this is a wonderful option.


For Safari

The QR Code Generator Extension for Safari is a fast and simple generator. It will create the code for the page you are visiting and pop it open into a new tab. Although the link for the website will automatically populate, you can edit this if you like.


For another speedy code maker, QR Coder gets the job done fast. It will also generate the code for the page you are visiting; however, this extension does so in a pop-up window rather than opening a new tab. So, for something easy, QR Coder is a good option.


For Opera

For Opera, QR Box works perfectly. This extension will generate a code for the page you are currently visiting with just one click of the icon in your toolbar. So, if you just want a fast way to create and scan a code, this is your tool.


If you are looking for a bit more, QR Codematic can generate a QR code either from the page you are visiting or with text you have selected. This extension can also decode a code that you have with you physically. Whether you have a business card, company flyer, or image on your mobile device, just hold it up to your computer’s camera to capture and decode it.


For All Four Browsers

One final option you can consider for Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera is QR Code Generator from QRUTILS.com. It works as an extension for each of the browsers and for Chrome is an offline web app.

What makes this extension stand out is the customization it allows. You can do fast generation, but if you want to add free text, change the size, or adjust the background and foreground colors for something unique, it is a great extension.


Do You Find QR Codes to be Handy?

These browser tools provide quick and easy ways to create and decode QR codes. Do you like to use these codes for sharing and sending links? If so, is there a different tool that you prefer to use for one of these browsers? What do you use QR codes for? Please share your suggestions in the comments below!

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