110318 Announcements

Here’s what’s happening at fvc interested in becoming a member of faith and victory church or just have questions about how the church runs join deacon Pam and Roger hammer quits next Sunday at 1 p. in the AMC lunch and child care will be provided you don’t have to become a member after taking this class so just come check.
It out the next fvc women’s event is Friday November 9th at 6 p.
and will include a potluck fellowship worship and the word this is the perfect opportunity to get to.

Know the ladies you go to church with any questions please contact pastor Shelly want to invite a friend but not sure how grab some invite cards in the back of the 4 year after service to hand out to your family friends or strangers they even make great stocking stuffers and now let’s take a look at the hashtag fvc live pictures of the week if you’d like to see your pictures on the screen just snap a picture of yourself and your.

Fvc gear and post it to facebook with the hashtag fvc life thanks for watching make sure to check in on Facebook and tweet the sermon using hashtag fvc live please silence your cellphone’s sermon notes and recordings are.

Available at faith and victory comm slash sermons now this is God’s story so let’s listen you.

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