15 Incredible Firefox Addons For Geeks

If you have some geeky tendencies like I do, then these handy Firefox tools might be just what you need. They are simple, useful, and perfect for those who work on the Web every day.

In addition, there are awesome themes to give your browser that nerdy feel to get you focused and working hard. So, debug and test, modify headers, find that color, and get inspiration from the wise Yoda with these Firefox add-ons.


Tools That Rule

Firebug is a powerful tool that allows you to inspect, debug, log, and analyze as you browse the Web. Inspect and edit HTML, adjust a CSS, review visual metrics, monitor network activity, debug JavaScript, find and edit DOM objects, and manage your cookies in an intuitive panel. You can anchor it to the bottom of your window or pop it out and move it around. For working on the Web, Firebug is a must-have.


Flagfox is a handy extension for gathering information about the site you visiting. A flag for the location of the country’s webserver is displayed in your address bar and clicking on it will pop open the Geotool.

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Here you can see Whois and DNS data, the ISP, the server’s IP address, and the hostname. For complete awareness regarding the site you are visiting, Flagfox is a helpful tool.


For a slew of useful options in a convenient toolbar, Web Developer is a great add-on. Quickly view cookie information, disable or find broken images, edit or add a CSS, adjust the HTML, resize the window, and obtain a plethora of data for JavaScript, meta tags, response headers, and more.

You can even easily customize your options. Web Developer provides fast and easy access to the tools you need most.


If you perform repetitive tasks that you would love to automate, then iMacros for Firefox is your tool. With this add-on you can create form fillers that cover several pages, automate downloads and uploads of files and images, extract and export data to CSV files, perform functional and regression testing of web applications, and create social sharing scripts.

Why waste time doing the same activities over and over when you can automate them with iMacros for Firefox?


QuickJava is a useful Firefox add-on for enabling and disabling Java, JavaScript, Flash, images, and other items right from your toolbar. You have all of the options at your fingertips for the exact settings you need.

Choose which items to include in the favorites, mark those you would like to reload on change, and even customize the button style. This extension lets you turn on and off your desired items quickly.


For HTTP testing and privacy, Modify Headers allows you to add, change, or filter HTTP request headers that are sent to Web servers. After you install the add-on, you can access it from Tools and then Web Developer in your menu bar. There is a button to start and stop and you simply select your action from the drop-down.

For fast and easy adding or modifying of headers, this is an intuitive tool. But, if you have questions or would like to check out the Quickstart guide, the developer’s website is very helpful.


When you need a little help with search engine or social media optimization, SeoQuake SEO Extension can be quite useful. The add-on will investigate parameters for the site you are viewing and display them clearly.

You can check out keyword density for phrases, review domain, backlink, and page parameters, view site compliance data, and see the internal as well as external links. You can configure your SERPs preferences and other parameters easily, too. For obtaining terrific website data, SeoQuake is a useful add-on.


For Web and graphic designers, Color Picker is a simple, unobtrusive add-on that puts the RGB values or Hex code right on your clipboard. Just select the eyedropper icon from your toolbar and mouse over the color you want. Hit your escape key and the code for the color is copied.

You can choose to snag either the RGB values or Hex code. So, when you find that perfect color while browsing the Web, you cannot go wrong with this add-on.


Themes That Beam (Me Up, Scotty)

Now that we have a great list of tools to help you work in Firefox, it is time to spruce up its look with some fun, geeky themes.

What better group to be inspired by than the characters in TV’s “The Big Bang Theory?” Put the nerdy team of Sheldon, Leonard, Raj, Howard, and of course the beautiful Pennie, right in your browser. The Big Bang Theory Rock Band is a cool looking theme and there is an alternate color bringing blue to your window if you prefer.


If you are more of a computer user than television viewer, Computer Tech is a nice and simple black and white theme representing your circuit board connections without colorful distractions. But, if you prefer to see that board as it was meant to be seen, check out the Computer Board Map instead.


If neither of these appeals to you because your mind is on “Star Wars,” then what better way to start your day than with the wise eyes of Yoda staring down at you. This Star Wars theme is perfect for fans of the original movie.


Are you more of a “Star Trek” fan? Okay then Trekkie, take a look at this theme from the original series. Named Star Trek the Original Series 1, this theme puts the Starship Enterprise right in your face for some inspiration from above.


Finally, there is no more interesting set of geeks in the world than Mulder and Scully. My personal favorite in this list is the X-Files theme. It is not distracting and brings a simple reminder that “the truth is out there.” But, if you cannot focus on your day without Scully’s gorgeous face, you can check out the X-Files One theme which puts both Mulder and Scully on your screen.


Which geeky add-ons do you use?

Are there some terrific Firefox extensions that you would like to share with our readers? Or, maybe you have created the perfect nerdy theme and would like us all to check it out. Either way, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below!

Image Credit: Ollyy via Shutterstock.com