2 Really Fun Ways To Listen To Music & Watch Videos Online With Your Friends

listen to music with friends onlineAre you a multimedia junkie? There’s nothing like a good song or a funny video to brighten up your day, and sharing one with a friend is the best way surely. I often find myself trying new apps like Spotify or perusing YouTube in my spare time, and I feel like I’m not alone.

But what if you could listen to music or watch videos with your friends? You know, the ones that aren’t in the room with you. That would be pretty cool, no? It would also be great if you could chat with them about what you were viewing or hearing while you were both watching or listening to it.

In this article, I’m going to show you two fun and addicting sites that let you do all of that and more. The social experience has been spreading across different industries like wildfire, but until recently, there hasn’t been as fun a solution for audio and video junkies. You’re about to meet two of your new best friends.

For Music: Turntable.fm (U.S Only)

Turntable.fm (Directory app) lets you play music together with your friends and other random people online. When you visit the site, you just connect with your Facebook account and Turntable.fm will be able to tell you who among your friends is already using the site, along with what room they’re currently in.

listen to music with friends online

When I say “room”, I’m referring to how Turntable.fm is setup. The site lets you create a virtual room that has a DJ table with 5 turntables. Each user has an avatar which you will physically see on the screen once you join a room. Those who grab one of the turntable spots will jump to the table to effectively become DJs, taking turns playing their favorite songs for everyone in the room to here.

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Selecting a song is as simple as typing it into the search field on the right side of the page. You can preview songs while you’re browsing and add them to your queue as you please. You can even upload your own, in case you can’t find it in the list.

listen to music with friends

Once you’re DJ-ing, fans will tell you how they feel about your taste in music by clicking one of two buttons at the bottom of the screen – Awesome & Lame. Each ‘Awesome’ vote you get will give you a point, which you can use to get your avatar a new costume, as well as earn respect from others using the site.

Oh, and if you have an iPhone, Turntable.fm just came out with an app for that.

For Video: Chill

In short, Chill is Turntable.fm for videos, so provided that you just finished reading the above section you should already be pretty well-informed.

listen to music with friends

Connect with Facebook and you’ll have an account where you can start video rooms to watch videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Justin.tv, Ustream, Livestream, Twitch.tv, and YouTube Live with your friends.

Or, you can just click on the “Chill Here” button to join one of the other video rooms that have already been created on the site.

listen to music with friends online

Once you’re “chilling” in a room with your buddies, you’ll see that Chill has a lot of the same characteristics as Turntable.fm. There are avatars, real-time chat, points, and Like and Dislike buttons. In a couple words, it’s pretty chill.


I really like the idea of listening to music and watching videos socially online. I think the chat feature is a nice addition, and way more useful and relevant than, say, leaving a comment on YouTube, and the like/dislike system is a really simple way of giving instant feedback. I’m a big fan of this movement.

Have you given either of these sites a try?

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