2 Really Simple Ways To Send Audio Tweets To Twitter

send audio tweetThere is a lot that can be done with Twitter. You can search for people on it, share documents and other files with it, use it to search for your next job, and much more.

Tweets can take on many forms, especially now that Twitter displays multimedia right within the site and is going after services like Twitpic. Things are sure to get pretty interesting when that happens, as people are already sharing a lot of pictures, videos, and everything else. Plus with all the different URL shorteners out there, I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of unique short-links. But there’s probably one type of link you haven’t come across as regularly, if at all, and that’s the audio link.

1. Chirbit

Chirbit (directory app) is a free online tool that lets you send audio tweets to Twitter a number of different ways. It’s very easy to use and whether you want to share something you’ve uploaded or recorded, it can help you get the job done.

send audio tweet

With Chirbit, you can upload audio in mp3, wav, aiff, wma, and m4a format, and you can record on the go using your iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, or any other smartphone you might have. Chirbit lets you share audio with your friends on Twitter and – believe it or not – Facebook with short URLs.

Chirbit has a lot of examples of posts if you would like to view some of the ways that people have been using the service. You can browse the Top 100 Chirbit Posts, Featured Chirbits, and even tweets that people have already sent containing the

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If you would like to see Chirbit in action, you can watch the short video screencast provided by the site on YouTube:

To start sending Chirbit tweets, just head over to the Chirbit website and sign up. Signing up requires an email, username, and password. Once you’ve got an account, all you’ll need is a microphone, webcam, or smartphone to begin recording audio and sending it to Twitter.

2. AudioTweet

AudioTweet (directory app), on the other hand, takes a different approach to sharing audio tweets to Twitter. Audio Tweet is a simple service that let’s you say what you want by converting text to audio for you, and it gives you the option to publish your audio tweet to both Twitter and Facebook.

audio tweets twitter

In case you were wondering, Audio Tweet utilizes Google Translate to do the actual converting of your text into audio. Then, a short link powered by Bit.ly is utilized to get your message out to others.

send audio tweet

Unlike Chirbit, Audio Tweet does not require any information from you at all – no email, no username, nothing. You can generate as many audio tweets as you like with the service.

As the service runs on top of Google Translate, Audio Tweet currently supports 58 different languages. Just type a sentence in English and select what language you would like it to read your tweet in.


I’ll admit I had never thought of sending audio tweets before discovering these services, but it’s a very interesting concept. I’m also interested in seeing all of the unique ways our readers can find to use these services to send tweets, so let me know what you’ve tweeted in the comments!

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