25 Snapchat Accounts You Need to Follow Right Now

If you’re new to Snapchat, finding your feet can be tough. But with 8 billion videos being posted to the app each day, there’s something for everyone. The challenge is finding it.

Snapchat isn’t like Instagram and Twitter, where you can search for users based on keywords. Instead, you either need the other Snapchat user in your contacts, or you must know their username.

If you’re trying to follow a celebrity on Snapchat, they will often have their username mentioned in their Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram description. But if you just don’t know who to follow on Snapchat, check out the snaps shared by the users in this list.

Other than finding accounts you love, though, Snapchat has a whole lot more to offer, especially to its core audience of teenagers. If you want to get to grips with the nuances of Snapchat such as trophies, lenses, and stars, we’ve got you covered. We can also take you through some of Snapchat’s most recent features, as well as how to use Snapchat to get your news.

But if you’re already clued up about all of this, let’s get to it. Below are 25 Snapchat accounts that’ll cover almost any interest. There’s bound to be something you’ll enjoy.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Username: GaryVeeGaryVee Snapcode

Gary’s snaps show the hard work and hustle that’s required to be the CEO of 500-person company. Following this account for even a few days will make you question whether you’ve ever worked hard in your life.

DJ Khaled

Username: DJKhaled305

DJKhaled Snapcode

Rapper DJ Khaled is mentioned in almost every Snapchat rundown. Seeing how he works, hearing his musings on life, and being alerted about fan meet-ups all contribute to his popularity on the Snap.

Erica Domesek

Username: psimadethis

psimadethis snapcode

Erica is the founder of Lifestyle brand PS I Made This. Her mission is to help people “stylishly personalize their lives through DIY”. This Snapchat account shows what a life dedicated to creativity is like, as well as DIY tips and tricks.

Cyrene Quiamco

Username: CyreneQ

CyreneQ Snapcode

As a full-time user who can pull in $10,000 per snap, you can expect great things from Cyrene. Her incredible doodles and celebrity portraits will have you trying to replicate her style in no time.


Username: Geeohsnap

GeeOhSnap Snapcode

Information about the person behind this Snapchat influencer is minimal, but these incredible snaps placing unsuspecting strangers and random cityscapes into lands of fantasy, borders on genius.

Brittany Furlan

Username: BrittanyJFurlan

BrittanyJFurlan Snapcode

Actress Brittany Furlan was named as one of Time’s most influential people on the Internet. Her hilarious snaps and stories will offer you a break from the seriousness that’s invading social media.

Casey Neistat

Username: CaseyNeistat

CaseyNeistat Snapcode

If you’ve heard of Casey Neistat, it’s probably from his wildly popular YouTube channel and vlog. Given his legendary storytelling style, he’s even made the Snaps of the less-polished parts of his days irresistible.

LACMA Museum

Username: Lacma

LACMA Snapcode

LACMA’s Snapchat account is the epitome of what Snapchat can be used for. Pop-culture, memes, and song lyrics are used alongside the museum’s artifacts to make art more accessible to the younger generation of Snapchat users.

Alice Zhou and Linda Chen

Username LettuceDine

LettuceDine Snapcode

Alice and Linda are two young, New-York based food bloggers who use Snapchat to share the diverse plates of food they get to devour while being college students.

Steven Paananen

Username: stevenballoons

As a balloon artist, Steven’s snaps are predictably fun, while his balloon art is surprisingly huge. And massively impressive. The aim of this account is to bring a smile to people’s faces, and that’s exactly what it does.

Julieanna Goddard

Username: Yesjulz

Yesjulz snapcode

Julieanna truly is an online celebrity who has used Snapchat to “go from Miami’s social scene to the mainstream”. Her inside access to VIP parties, and impromptu celeb interviews look all-glamorous, but you’ll also be shown that Julieanna really does live by her #NeverNotWorking mantra.

Kym Perfetto

Username: Kymnonstop

KymNonStop Snapcode

Kym is a SoulCycle Master Instructor, whose days tend to be more active than the average person’s month. Following this account will either leave you feeling exhausted, or motivated to get off your backside and start moving.

Yvan Rodic

Username mrfh

mrfh snapcode

Follow fashion and street photographer Yvan Rodic as he travels a bunch, charismatically tracking down the latest and greatest fashion trends and celebs.

Christine Mi

Username: Miologie

Miologie Snapcode

As an incredibly talented Snapchat artist, Christine Mi impressively sketches herself into famous scenes including Jurassic Park and Star Wars. This account shows you a whole new level of finger-painting-on-your-smartphone.

Calvin Harris

Username: CalvinHarris

CalvinHarris Snapcode

Check out the (often) humorous daily trials and tribulations of Calvin Harris from wherever in the world he may be. Snaps from his gigs, hotel rooms, and parties offer a first hand glimpse into this musician’s life.

New Yorker

Username: NewYorkerMag

NewYorkerMag Snapcode

Being almost 100 years old, it’s about time New Yorker joined Snapchat. Their account shows a behind-the-scenes look at the work, people, and eccentric characters that go into producing quality content, day after day.

Steve Weatherford

Username: Weatherford5

Weatherford5 Snapcode

Steve is a former New York Giants punter, and long-time philanthropist who shares his crazy fitness routines on Snapchat, as well as homely shots of life with his family.


Username: Mashable

Mashable Snapcode

Follow Mashable on its never-ending tour of conferences and events, covering industries as diverse as tech, music, and business. With clever uses of emojis, doodles, this is definitely a fun account to follow.

Justin Bieber

Username: rickthesizzler

rickthesizzler snapcode

The Biebs hasn’t been on Snapchat for too long, but unsurprisingly, he now has an insane following. Follow this account to be shown some select highlights from the life one of the world’s most recognizable men.

Dr. Michael Salzhauer

Username: therealdrmiami

therealdrmiami snapcode

This is the Snapchat account of an actual, certified plastic surgeon. Alongside Michael’s seemingly glamorous lifestyle, you’ll be shown some nausea-inducing videos of the Doc nipping and tucking his patients.


Username: Amazon

Amazon snapcode

After following Amazon on Snapchat, keep a close eye on this account. You’ll be offered exclusive discount codes to use on the site, as well as notifications about contests that are currently running.

Miley Cyrus

Username: MileyCyrus

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 11.36.02

Some of the posts on Miley Cyrus’ Snapchat account might just be some of the most surreal things you’ll see. That being said, she’s a fun person to follow on social media, showing not just her dogs, outfits and celeb friends, but also many more crazy, random ideas she has.

The Ellen Show

Username: Ellen

Ellen snapcode

Ellen Degeneres brings a whole new understanding to her world-famous show. Special guests, ticket giveaways, selfies, and normal-life snaps show us what it’s really like to be Ellen.


Username: MTV

MTV Snapcode

For backstage access to shows, gigs, celeb interviews, and giveaways, MTV is a fantastic account to follow. In 2014, MTV even announced nominees for the Music Video Awards on Snapchat before anywhere else.

Antonio Brown

Username: ab84official

ab84official snapcode

Follow Antonio as he lives the Hollywood lifestyle while hitting the gym over and over. Within a few weeks of following this account, you’ll start to understand the dedication needed to really keep in shape.

Who Else Do You Follow?

There are millions of other Snapchat accounts. Out of the thousands actually worth following, these are just 25 that we heartily recommend. That being said, finding more accounts that cover your interests can be difficult on Snapchat (unless you’re into celeb gossip or fitness). Who knows, perhaps Snapchat will use some of its investments to build a better discovery engine, and (fingers crossed) a nicer user interface.

Until then, we’ll just have to rely on recommendations. With that being said, which other Snapchat accounts would you recommend us to follow?

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