2houses: A Web App For Separated Couples To Manage Their Children’s Schedules

After they have separated, the biggest problem couples face is managing their children. Sharing schedules of dates, expenses, and trips becomes very hectic at times. What is required is a tool that lets things proceed swimmingly and keeps things convenient for the separated parents. This is exactly what a website called 2houses offers.


2houses is a web service that is currently free to use. It lets separated couples share information about their child with one another. You start using the site by creating an account and detailing your child’s name and your ex-partner’s name. When your ex-partner is on board you can start logging events, parenting schedules, expenses and payments, and messages in the site’s online interface. You can also add detailed information of your child to share with your ex-partner; this information includes ID card numbers and clothes sizes, amongst other things.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Helps separated couples manage children’s schedules with one another.
  • Lets you share parenting schedules, expenses, and messages.
  • Lets you share child’s details with one another.

Check out 2houses @ http://www.2houses.com

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