3 Firefox Add-Ons To Help You Blog More Easily

At the present time, a lot of people have a blog (but if you don’t own one yet, you can grab yours here).  This is due to the fact that everyone’s point of views are entitled to be published on the web, and to my knowledge what better form of depicting your ideas on the internet is there than blogging?

With this said, there are easier ways to blog then others.  These Firefox add-ons empower you with quick and easy ways to blog.


With Zemanta you’re able to receive countless suggestions that correlate to your blog topic or content posted in your blog post. These suggestions can aid you in writing your post while you’re inside your blogging dashboard.

This extension lets you add your Flickr account and link any image you’d like as well by logging into the Zemanta web user interface.

You’ll also be able to connect to your Facebook, MyBlogLog and/or Twitter accounts as well.

Ads by Google

This add-on not only gives you suggestions that have to do with your post, it also helps you with your search engine optimization by giving you suggestions on tags to use when you’re about to publish your posts.

Image selection from related content within your post:

WordPress.com Sidebar

By pressing alt + w when you’re in your browser you can bring up a quick sidebar that will allow fast and easy access to your WordPress blog without you having to access the actual site. This nifty little sidebar lets you view your site stats, create bookmarks relating to your post, and finally you can construct posts and publish them directly onto your blog without ever visiting your WordPress dashboard. Access this Firefox extension here.

View your blogs stats:

Create a post or copy and paste content from a web page and publish it onto your blog:

DashBlog (update: no longer online)

DashBlog feasibly lets you gather videos, images, texts, songs, and capture browser screen-shots from any existing web page. You can utilize this collection of content to publish them directly onto your blog or your Twitter account.

Supporter blogs include but are not limited to: Blogger/Blogspot, Tumblr, WordPress and more.

From any web page all you have to do is click on the small DashBlog icon located at the top left hand corner of your browser and the DashBlog options userface will instantly pop up.

How it Works

A few steps are needed to post content on your blog from DashBlog:

Create a post with content located on the webpage of your choice (text/quotes, images, videos, and audio)

Click on the “OK, Post” button and wait for confirmation that the post has been blogged.

Now visit your blog and view your DashBlog post. Your readers will have no idea that you used a third party Firefox extension to create the post they are reading.

What Firefox add-ons would you recommend that help you to blog more easily?

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