3 Hidden Features In Google Advanced Search You May Not Know About

google advanced searchGoogle is continually improving its search engine. Not only do they work meticulously on the search algorithm change, but also the graphical user interface and its features constantly receive upgrades. Many changes are subtle and thus easily missed. Likewise, many advanced features are well hidden.

In this article I want to direct your focus to the Google’s Advanced Search page, which contains many useful search features not available via the left-hand sidebar. This page can make your search a lot easier and more efficient, especially if you can’t be bothered with remembering complicated search operators.

1. Search Images By Region

Image search by region is a new advanced search option. It becomes available when you switch to Images and then open the old Advanced Search window via the link underneath the search button (magnifying glass).

google advanced search

Here you can filter the results by region.

google search engine advanced search

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In the examples below I searched for large images with the keyword ‘fashion’ in the regions Cameroon (upper results page) and Canada (lower results page).

google search engine advanced search

google search engine advanced search

The screenshots above reveal several more cool image search features available through the sidebar, for example searching by colors, subject, or (not shown) type. If you would also like to search images from a specific source or with specific usage rights, open the old Advanced Search page and find even more options.

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2. Search Videos With Subtitles

The sidebar for Videos search offers many interesting options, for example searching by duration, time uploaded, or source. When you switch to the Advanced Search page, however, you will find several more valuable features, for example searching videos by language or searching only closed captioned videos, i.e. videos with subtitles.

search videos with subtitles

Most results are from YouTube, so this search option ultimately highlights a feature offered by YouTube. When you open the video, you will see that it doesn’t contain any traditional subtitles at all. YouTube does, however, provide something called ‘Interactive Transcript‘. Interactive transcripts essentially work like subtitles, only that they are displayed in a separate window below the video and hence are not visible in full screen view.

youtube interactive transcript

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3. Search With Google SafeSearch Enabled

If you want to avoid adult content on Google, you can turn on the SafeSearch filter. This can be done manually for each and every search or you can make it your default.

To do it manually, switch to Advanced Search, expand the > Date, usage rights, region, and more link and set SafeSearch to > On.


If you are searching for Images, SafeSearch is displayed as the very last option and you can choose from no, moderate, or strict filtering. Other search sub-categories do not offer an individual SafeSearch.

You can also set a cookie to make SafeSearch your default. Google’s Global Preferences page has a Safe Search Filtering section, which offers three settings: no, moderate, or strict filtering.

google advanced search

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What is your favorite Google advanced search trick and how often do you use the search sidebar?

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