3 Lesser-Known Google Services That You’ll Find Useful

Gmail and Google Drive are the most popular of Google services, but there are other lesser-known ones that can help you. Here are three of those that are worth checking out.

1. Google Person Finder: This smart Google service gives you a way to reach loved ones in the aftermath of a natural or humanitarian catastrophe.

With the Finder service, you can search for information about any person who’s safety you’re concerned about. Locals, first responders, or other volunteers can also add any information they have on the catastrophe victims to the website. Here’s our guide on how to use Google Person Finder.


2. Google Input Tools: With Google Input Tools you can type on the Web in any language of your choice. You can even add words to a custom dictionary for future use. The service works offline and has a Chrome extension, Android app, and a Windows program that you can install.

3. Get your Business Online (GYOB): GYOB puts your business on the digital map with a complete listing on Google search and Google Maps. It’s like a free Google profile for your business. You can see how the listing appears on Google when people search for it.

Google has quite a few lesser known services that are just as useful as their popular counterparts. We urge you to explore them all!

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Image Credit: rvlsoft / Shutterstock.com

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