3 Quick Gmail Tips to Make Your Inbox Easier to Use

Gmail tips to speed up your workflow are nothing to take lightly, especially when you’re dealing with inboxes filled to the brim. Here are three such tips to take note of:

1. Select all conversations: Ever wish there was a way to select all Gmail conversations in your inbox? By all we mean all, not just the ones on a single page. That’s totally possible.

Just check the box for selecting all the conversations on a page as you normally do. Now look for the Select all conversations in… link sandwiched between the menu bar and the messages, and click on it. This selects all conversations with that particular label across all pages.


For the next couple of changes, you’ll need to access the General tab of Gmail settings. To do so, click on the gear icon below your profile image at the top right in your inbox and then click on Settings from the dropdown menu. This opens the General tab by default.

2. Display more contacts and messages per page: Look for the Maximum page size setting. It gives you a couple of dropdowns to increase the number of conversations and contacts displayed per page to 100 and 250 respectively.


3. Move to the next conversation automatically: Every time you process (archive, delete, etc.) an open conversation, Gmail takes you back to the main inbox interface by default. You can force Gmail to move to the next or previous conversation automatically instead by selecting the appropriate radio button next to the Auto-advance field in the General tab.

There are many Gmail features hidden in plain sight that even longtime users miss. It feels awesome when you discover them!

Which Gmail feature escaped your notice for a long time? Care to share it with us in the comments?

Image Credit: Three-dimensional yellow envelope by 2j architecture via Shutterstock