3 Sites To Make Funny Video Greeting Cards

Postage stamps and letters made out of dead trees are getting out of fashion, but (holiday) greeting cards aren’t. If you’re going to make the switch to digitalism, you’d better do it in style. A picture is said to convey a thousand words; a video all the more. Welcome to the future.

A recorded video card will bring a more personal message and show the subject that you’re willing to put effort into the occasion; more than a doodle on a store-bought card. On the practical side, you’ll even be able to save the money from purchasing the card and postage stamps.

Below are some of the best sites to record your own video greeting card. You don’t need anything besides an internet connection and a webcam connected to your computer.


BubbleJoy is my personal favorite to send video greeting cards. The service is easy to use, and hosts some of the most impressive card designs. In general, your video will be embedded in a cutout holiday-themed background. Because the BubbleJoy website can grab the video straight from your webcam, the process of making a card requires no messing around and no additional uploading.

video greeting cards

Only recently, BubbleJoy added a Twitter sync feature. This allows you to log in with your Twitter credentials and easily share your greeting card. If you wanted to send out an original holiday greeting to your Twitter followers, this is a great way to do it.

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Sharenik video cards look a lot like the traditional holiday cards, but juiced up with much technology goodness. You pick a basic card theme and template; then personalize it with pictures, a greeting text, and of course, videos. Yes, plural; you can embed up to 12 different photos or videos on a card.

video greeting cards

The website itself does not record webcam input, but you can easily record a video on your computer using Windows Movie Maker or Photo Booth (on Mac OS X) and upload it to the website. Once you’ve changed the card fit to your liking, you can send it to its destination. Good news if you’re a particularly social being, Sharenik allows you to share your greeting with up to 500 friends!


eVCards is a very plain service to create video cards, missing some of the more fancy graphics featured above. Depending on the occasion and the subject, this can actually be a good thing. The cutout holiday designs are fun and relate more to the original holiday greetings, with bright colors and simple graphics. Young children, especially, will love these cards.

electronic greeting cards

One of the most impressing features of eVCards is the ability to choose between uploading a file from your computer like Sharenik does, or recording it on the spot like BubbleJoy does. Once finished, you can not only send, but also embed the video on your own website.

When did you last record or send a video greeting card to your friends and family? Let us know what you think about these websites in the comments below!

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