4 More Awesome SNES Games You’ve Probably Never Played

I think we can all agree that the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) is one of the best video game consoles ever made. If you don’t agree, you must be like my illustrious co-host of the Technophilia podcast, Mr. James Bruce, and prefer weird virtual reality games.

The range of games on the console is truly staggering, with every genre from shooter to RPG represented. Nintendo was truly in its prime during the era of the SNES, and sadly, it has fallen off a bit, at least in the home console space (although the Wii certainly gained plenty of sales success).

I already covered some awesome SNES games you’ve probably never played back in April, and it’s time to revisit the topic with even more awesome games you can add to your collection. If you’ve already played these then you can attest to how awesome they are. If you haven’t then get ready to take a trip back in time to make the old new again.

Run Saber

Run Saber is one of those interesting action games developed by Hori and published by Atlus (makers of one of my favorite games of all time, Persona 4). The easiest way to describe the gameplay is to say it is similar to arcade classic Strider. It features fast-paced side scrolling action.

This game is a ton of fun, but it could stand to be a little harder, especially when you consider the timeframe in which the game existed, where games were only a few stages, and the length of the game came from bashing your head against it over and over until you mastered it. Still, in spite of the relative shortness, this is one game that not enough people have experienced.

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Rock ‘N Roll Racing

You’ve heard of Blizzard, right? The little company that made World of Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo, and Warcraft. Well, before they were the beloved creator of some of the best strategy and MMO games in history, they made an awesome little SNES racing game called Rock ‘N Roll Racing.

The gameplay in this is very similar to games like R.C Pro Am, in that it features a view from above. This makes controlling your car a fun part of the challenge. Also, the interesting setting in which you are moving from planet to planet winning space races adds some enjoyment. If you want a little bit of history from a game developer you know and love, check this game out.

Wild Guns

If you like those twin-stick shooters like Geometry Wars, you will love this game. Of course, it’s not actually dual joystick, as the SNES controller only featured a single d-pad, but the mechanics of the game feel very similar in that you are moving the character and a target around on the screen.

The setting of the game is a mix of wild west and science fiction. I suppose you could say it’s a little bit steam punk, but it’s not over the top with this presentation. Instead, it just opens up the game to allow the player to shoot at robots instead of just other humans. This leads to some awesome boss battles that require a great deal of precision and skill. While Wild Guns didn’t sell like some of the other westerns at the time, this is a game that should not be missed by any Nintendo fan.

Knights Of The Round

Everyone remembers Capcom’s classic beat-em-up called Final Fight. It’s such an awesome game that it massively overshadowed one of the company’s other games in the same genre called Knights of the Round. The gameplay is actually very similar to that of Final Fight, but with a more whimsical setting, and swords instead of fists and kicks.

This game came from the arcade, and the port to SNES is incredibly well made. The visuals look good, though not as good as the arcade version. The type of gameplay is suited to the console, as tons of other games with a similar style have been released with great success. While this didn’t catch on in initial sales, it’s certainly not because of a lack of quality.


If you love your SNES but don’t want to play the same games you know and love – Mario, Metroid, and so on – these are the games you will want to play. Of course, these games are a little on the rare side, so finding the cartridges might cost you a little bit, but if you want to broaden your old school gaming horizons, these are perfect for you.

Image Credits: Mah nintendo Via Flickr

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