4 Reasons Facebook’s New Navigation Design Is An Improvement

facebook-logo1The Facebook home page changed again! They are so good at it, aren’t they?  I’m not sure how I feel about this “gradual unveiling” thing.  I received the new and improved navigation design a few days before many of my friends, even my wife!

Facebook usually catches a lot of flack whenever any kind of change is made.  Part of it, I’m sure, has to do with the fact that people in general just do not like change.  Well, I would like to stand up and give 4 reasons the new navigation design Facebook has come up with is actually an improvement.

1.  Location & Consolidation Of The Design, New Requests, Messages, & Notifications


For me, my eyes are still trained to first glance at the top left of a website when I first visit it.  That’s why, as part of how the Facebook home page changed, I like the location of the notifications for new requests, messages and notifications.  They are almost the first place I look.  Also, they don’t take up much space because they are designed as icons with drop down menus.  In my opinion, very sleek and good thinking as far as location goes.

The new menus now drop down and you can instantly view pending friend requests, direct messages and notifications without leaving the home page.

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2. Good Use Of The Left Sidebar


I like how I can easily find links to the news feed, see how many messages are sitting in my inbox and how many events I’m currently invited to and how there is easy access to my friends’ feed and recent media shared.  Like I said before, my eyes are still trained to glance over the top left of a website when I first arrive there.  Some of the notifications, such as unread messages and event invites, are easily missed.  Now they are right where I normally end up glancing first and I like that.  Was that Facebook’s goal?

3.  A Front & Center Listing Of Friends Online


I used to have to bring up the list from the bottom left hand part of the screen to see who was online (for the complete list, you still do).  Now, with how Facebook home page changed, I can get a good idea just from glancing at most of my online friends.  Now it’s a bit harder to miss people.  Sometimes in life with friends it’s like two ships passing in the night, isn’t it?  Another good call, Facebook!

4.  A Good Conservation Of Screen Real Estate!


Remember way back when the bottom status bar went all the way across the screen and stuck there?  Now, only what you are currently using (besides the quick link to the friends list) takes up screen real estate!  For instance, if you are chatting with a friend, the conversation will use a portion of the bottom of the screen next to the friends list.  That’s good for those of us who like as much of our screen to be ours as we can possibly get!  However, I would kind of like to see the top bar frozen.  Maybe they could give the option?  Facebook?  Please?

There is more I like about the current Facebook home page changes, like the quick glance at requests and suggestions in the right sidebar (is that new?).  There are also changes that are taking a bit to get used to but nothing debilitating.  Any change in life takes getting used to, right?

The new Facebook redesign will definitely help a lot of new users to adapt quickly since it’s quite intuitive. It also saves users a lot of time and several extra clicks from attaining the information they need. Are there any new features that you’re fond of? Let us know!

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