4 Video Games That Will Help You Lose Weight

video games to lose weightAll too often, people who are not gamers have this idea that individuals who choose to spend their time playing video games are lazy. Sure, we like to sit around with a controller in our hand and be whisked away to a fantasy world, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy getting active as well. All video games are strenuous on the mind, but some games can actually give you quite the workout.

With the rise of motion controlled gaming, games requiring movement is almost commonplace. In fact, plenty of games have actually used this technology with the explicit goal of helping players get active and drop those pesky pounds. Plenty of people are turning to their smartphones to help them lose weight, but why not video games to lose weight?

For anyone struggling with finding the motivation to go to the gym, turning it into an active gameplay experience can be incredibly helpful, and if losing weight is your goal, the games that follow will go a long way towards helping you achieve it.

UFC Trainer, Xbox 360

I’ve made no secret that in addition to being an avid gamer, I am also a huge fan of mixed martial arts. So when I heard there was a Kinect game that was designed to use the moves and techniques seen in a UFC fight, I was all over it.

video games to lose weight

UFC Trainer features plenty of workouts, and having trained MMA myself in the real world, I can say that they are quite accurate. Now, don’t get me wrong, you are not going to use what you learn in this game to defend yourself, as you really need a proper instructor for that, but executing the techniques is plenty strenuous on the body, and it makes for a fantastic workout, whether you are an MMA fan or not.

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Dance Central, Xbox 360

While the Kinect-based dance games make for an awesome party game experience, they can also help you work up a good sweat without feeling like you are exercising. While games like the UFC Trainer still feel like a workout, the dance games are just about having fun. Of course, you happen to be very active while playing, so in the process, you are shedding the pounds.

weight loss video games

Dance Central actually does feature a dedicated workout mode, so if you want to get out of simply playing games and move into some serious calorie burning, this is the place to go. Be warned though, it’s a pretty intense workout, and it will leave you feeling quite tired at the end. Make sure to bring plenty of water, because you are going to break out in a sweat.

Wii Fit, Wii

Wii Fit is really the fitness game that got it all started. Nintendo released the balance board to work along with the Wii Remotes, and it was a genius move for the company. It sold almost as well as the Wii itself, and as such you’d think every gamer on the face of the planet would be fit as can be.

weight loss video games

Sadly though, too many gamers put away their Wii Fit board shortly after release and have not looked back. It’s a shame, because it really is a great piece of equipment, and if offers a wide range of workouts.

With Wii Fit, you can do everything from active mini games to hardcore workouts. Personally, I think Kinect games force the player to be more active, as the camera can see more detail about whether you are cheating, but for those without access to one, the Wii Fit and its board will do the job just fine.

If you bought a Wii Fit during the craze after release, and you are looking for a fun way to lose weight, pull it out and get to work!

EA Sports Active, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii

EA Sports Active really takes working out seriously. In my opinion, the other games on the list are more fun to play, but in terms of a pure workout, this one takes the cake. Again, I side with the Xbox 360 on this one, but the EA Sports Active 2 uses sensors in leg and arm straps to get total body tracking on the other platforms as well.

video games to lose weight

Whichever platform you “play” EA Sports Active on, you will get a great workout. If you want to take your fitness goals to a higher level, this is the game for you. EA is a big name in sports games, and its fitness games follow along in terms of quality.


Who says gamers are lazy? Certainly not this gamer! If you want to use your favorite passtime as a way to get into better shape, look no further than these video games to lose weight. If you stick with playing them, you will lose weight!

What fitness games do you recommend? Hit the comments section below and let us know!

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