4 Websites That Cause The World To Implode Whenever They Are Down

The Internet is like its own little country, and its many websites are like public squares for its thousands upon thousands of citizens. However, what if these public squares were all of a sudden to shut down? Perhaps these squares are not so much squares but more like little highways with roadblocks. In a real-world situation, this would most certainly be a problem, wouldn’t it?

With that said, we’ve all experienced a little downtime with websites before, and I’d like to expand a little on the sites that we have here. Since the Internet is all about the passing of information, I’ve decided to focus on web-locations that feature communication, news, entertainment, and public awareness. Of course, these are not the only sites on the Internet that are of such importance. However, I believe that they are definitely on a very high tier.

Today, I bring you four websites that I believe are part of the backbone of the Internet, and without them, we’d have a bit of chaos.


Shamefully, I believe we can all safely agree that most people’s worlds end when Facebook goes down. Where else can we share text-plastered Instagram photos? How else will that potato beat Bieber in a battle of popularity? Although the site’s downtime is a rare occurrence, it has happened before. To be honest, I’m surprised that the apocalypse hadn’t happened during that period of time…

Even still, seeing that most of the Internet has opted to utilize this as their main form of friendly online conversation (with email being reserved for more formal discussion), I believe it is understandable that people become a little frantic when Facebook goes down.

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As a one of the most popular news aggregators available, I’ll have to say Reddit is an important part of Internet society. No, it isn’t the most popular website to exist (despite what its users may think), but it is a information supplier strong-force. Now, before you get caught up in the recent Reddit fiasco featuring the revelation of a certain user (personally, I’m avoiding names because I’m sure the libel lawsuit is pending), you have to understand that Reddit is more than fun and games.

It’s a website that basically compresses most of the day’s major news articles and delivers them in a bite-sized chunk for the general public to take in. Yes, there are plenty of cat pictures strewn here and there. But in all truth, Reddit is a major part of how people stay informed on current events. For many, when Reddit goes down, it would be akin to major news networks going off the air all of a sudden.

Amazon(‘s Servers)

Amazon EC2 actually hosts a lot of the world’s biggest websites – some of which include Netflix, Instagram, and Pinterest, just to name a few. In fact, many of the sites you use daily likely are run by Amazon. Now imagine if the servers go down. Yeah….no more movies played from home. No more pictures of what you had for breakfast. No more pins of that totally cute red sundress you saw that will make you totally hotter than Martha and finally have a chance at Joey.

But really, Amazon backs a lot of stuff, and without it, we’d have a lack of entertainment on the web. With that said, entertainment definitely is important, so don’t knock it.


With the recent development of Twitter’s importance in protests and public announcements, it would be a real shame if something just….happened to it. We’ve seen Twitter go down in the past, but the social network has evolved from a goofy website to a heavy player in the field of politics. From fighting government interference to sharing government influence, this little bird has really spread its wings.

Without it, I fear that many people would not be more culturally aware of the their world. If the site happened to go down during an important event (such as a terrorist attack or a uprising against a government), I believe many of us would unfortunately be in the dark. So to Twitter – let’s make sure we have a 24/7 uptime, OK?


These are just four websites that I believe are necessary for the Internet to function. However, I’m aware that there are more!

What websites do you believe cause the world to implode when they are down? Do you have any frustrating stories about the ones above being down?

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