5 Accessories You Should Get To Make Xbox One Ownership Better

Just dropped $500 on an Xbox One and still don’t feel that it is delivering the optimal gaming experience for you? Don’t worry, you can run out and get some accessories to make things even better. We even now looked at some of the most important accessories for PlayStation 4, so it’s only right that we give the Xbox One its moment in the sun as well. Anyway, without further delay, let’s at five Xbox One accessories that will bring your gaming experience to another level.

Extra Controller

You just got your Xbox One and you call your friends up to tell them, what’s the first thing they are probably going to ask? Chances are great that they are going to want to come play it with you. How much fun is it going to be when they come over if you have to pass around a single controller?


On the Xbox One, there’s actually a few games that make the extra controller a justifiable purchase right out of the gate. You and a friend can do some same-console racing in Forza, or even better, you can fight each other in Killer Instinct. Plus, it never hurts to have a backup, as bad things can happen to video game controllers, whether it’s spilling something on it or throwing it across the room in a massive fit of rage. Either way, for $60, it’s something that is worth going out and getting.

Play and Charge Kit

The Xbox One controller uses two AA batteries for power, which is some ways is a good thing, as you can quickly swap them out in the event that they die in the middle of an intense gaming session. For some gamers, though, rechargeable batteries are preferably, and that’s where the Play and Charge kit comes in handy. It allows you to give your console extra juice without actually interrupting your game.


The cable for the Xbox One Play and Charge is fairly long, but you won’t be able to sit across a massive living room and use it. You can always grab cheap USB extender cables on Amazon if you need a little bit more length. However, if you sit moderately close to the TV it will work, and it’s definitely much longer than the USB cable that comes with the PS4.

Thurstmaster TX Racing Wheel

As of this writing, this is the only racing wheel available for the Xbox One. It comes with a very steep $400 price tag, which puts it only $100 below the Xbox One itself. Still, it looks like a pretty solid racing wheel for playing Forza 5.


That being said, there will inevitably be cheaper wheels made available from other companies, so if you aren’t a super hardcore racing fan, you might want to wait it out and see if one of the ones that release down the road suit your taste and budget a little more. For those of you who need your Forza simulation taken up a notch right now, then this wheel is the way to go.

LETECK Xbox One Kinect Camera TV/Wall 2-in-1 Mount

We all know the original Kinect worked much better when placed on the top of a television, as it gave it a better view of the room. Kinect 2.0 rectifies that somewhat, but placing it on top of the TV is still better. Sadly, Microsoft has not released its official bracket just yet, but LETECK beat them to it.


For $27, this device will do an adequate job of giving your Kinect an elevated view of your room. The setup process looks pretty painless, and from an aesthetic standpoint, it looks quite nice. If you have a small room and you need your Kinect elevated in order to make the most of the features it offers, this will do the job. If you are patient, you might want to wait and see what Microsoft does with its official mount.

Turtle Beach Ear Force XO Seven

These are not actually out just yet, so you will have to wait until February to get your hands on a pair. If there’s one thing Turtle Beach does well it’s make headsets for video game consoles, and its offering on the Xbox One look to be no exception. This $159 pair promises to put both voice chat and surround sound game audio right into your ears.


Time will tell how well these actually work, but with Turtle Beach’s reputation, I am confident that it will deliver a quality product that works with both games and other Xbox One features such as Skype.

Your Turn

What Xbox One accessories are did you get with your console? Are you waiting for a certain thing to come out before you go out and spend more money? Hit the comments section below and let’s chat!

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