5 Clever Free Tools to Beat Twitter’s Restrictions & Annoyances

The micro-blogging social network is now big enough that everyone needs Twitter in their lives. But as anyone who has been using it knows, Twitter exerts a lot of control on what it allows people to do or not do.

It recently tried to go beyond its 140-character limit, but not really. It tells you when someone follows you, but not when someone unfollows you. It inexplicably doesn’t even have support for multiple accounts on the web version, although the mobile app has it.

Twitter’s restrictions are frustrating, and then having to see promoted tweets and trends is even worse. So let’s fix all these annoyances once and for all.

Twitcher (Chrome): Multiple Account Support for Twitter

As we mentioned, Twitter’s mobile app lets you switch between different accounts, but you can’t do that on the web version. There doesn’t seem to be any reason for it either. Third-party apps, like Twitter’s own powerful TweetDeck client, have multi-account support as well.


Twitcher is a simple Chrome extension that fixes this problem. Just install it, refresh Twitter, and you’ll see an “Add Account” option when you click your profile picture. Sign into another account with this and you can quickly switch between the two. Notifications will only work for the account you’re currently signed into, but hey, it’s a lot easier than any other option.

Download: Twitcher for Google Chrome (Free)

TUNS (Web): Notifies When Someone Unfollows You

There are lots of apps and plugins to track who unfollowed you, but that seems a bit much for most users, doesn’t it? If you’re not that vain but still want to be notified in case someone important unfollows you, TUNS (Twitter Unfollowed Notification Service) can alert you when that happens.


Just authorize it to use your Twitter and then from the dashboard, click your username to ensure that email updates is enabled in the settings. That’s all you need to do. Now if someone unfollows you, TUNS will send you an email telling you that just happened. And if you are losing lots of followers, some do’s and don’ts can stem the tide.

Bio Is Changed (Web): Alerts When Someone Changes Bio or Profile Pic

Much like any social network, a good profile picture can get more followers on Twitter, as can a descriptive Bio. These two items are anyone’s introduction, and people often update them to show people their new jobs, their last adventure, or any other cool social share. While Facebook alerts you when a friend changes these, Twitter doesn’t.


That’s where you need Bio Is Changed. Authorize it to use your Twitter account and you will see a timeline of people you follow, based on when they last updated their bio or profile. The site helpfully gives you a before and after snapshot, so you know what has changed. In the app’s settings, you can choose to be updated about these changes in an instant, daily, or weekly email too.

Tall Tweets (Web): Auto-Split Long Text or Turn Into Photo

Twitter’s 140 character limit can be quite frustrating during those times when you want to write something longer. Twitter now thankfully lets you create conversation chains by replying to yourself, but the process is a little tedious. Tall Tweets is easier than any other tools to write longer tweets.


All you need to do is go to the site, sign in, and start writing whatever message you want to write. You have two options with it. First, you can turn your long message into a multi-message “tweetstorm” like the above example. The second way makes it a single tweet where the text is converted into a screenshot image for anyone to click the photo and read the full text.

Both methods work flawlessly and it’s just a matter of which one is more apt for you at any given time. And it works well on mobile too, so you don’t need to use any of the many apps that do this on mobile.

Remove Promotions (Chrome): Goodbye promoted ads, trends, and tweets

One of the ways Twitter monetizes its platform is through letting brands “promote” things i.e. pay to have their product show up on your timeline. And even while introducing an algorithmic Twitter timeline, the company left its promoted tweets untouched. They can be distracting and misleading, as they show up at the top of “Trending” or “Who to Follow”.

Remove Promotions for Twitter is a simple Chrome extension that does exactly what it says. Install it, refresh Twitter, and say hello to a cleaner and neater Twitter experience. As far as I can tell, everything else works exactly the same as it used to, so this little hack is actually a big change in how comfortable you will be on the social network.

And remember, you can install Chrome extensions in Opera or other Chromium-based browsers.

Download: Remove Promotions on Twitter for Chrome (Free)

Your Biggest Twitter Annoyance?

These are fixes for some of the more common irritating things about Twitter, but there are plenty of other silly things the social network does that can be annoying. For example, it usually neglects official apps on desktops and still hasn’t added new features like Twitter Polls to TweetDeck.

So what annoys you the most about Twitter, be it on the desktop or the mobile? Is there something Facebook does better that you wish was available here?

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