5 Places To Find Free Clothes Online So You Don’t Have To Go Naked

free clothesIt’s a scary world out there, and the best way to go through it is by wearing clothes. Sure, there are a few exceptions to this statement, but we’ll leave those alone… However, you may be looking for some places to pick up some free t-shirts or something a little on the higher end of things.

Today, I’ve got five websites that you can find some free clothes on, and the best part is that each of them are totally free of charge (I know, I know – you’re on the edge of your seat).


free clothes

We’ve talked a little bit about Freecycle on MakeUseOf before, so I just wanted to get it out of the way since you might have already heard about it. The site was developed as a way for people to get rid of their unneeded items in a much more environmentally-friendly way than dumping them in a landfill. However, along with recycling used computer gadgets and such, you can actually grab free clothes from Freecycle.

Essentially, Freecycle is all about giving away what you don’t need and getting stuff that you do – for free. About the only thing that somewhat frustrated me with this site was the lack of a legitimate search function, but after a few clicks, I found a few dress shirts near my town that were being given away free of charge! Furthermore, you can post “Wanted” ads for clothing that you may need.


find free clothes

Ads by Google

So you may have noticed that Freecycle is starting to have footprints across the world. Well, there’s more good news for my UK friends. Freegle is a site that is… well… it’s just like Freecycle. I could actually copy and paste the above two paragraphs here, replace each mention of Freecycle with the word “Freegle”, and it would be a perfect description. Unfortunately, my editor Mark wouldn’t appreciate this very much.

From what I understand, Freegle actually used to be a part of Freecycle, but something went down and the UK crew split. However, both sites are wonderful (but as a note, Freegle’s web design is much cleaner and more user-friendly).


find free clothes

Oh hey, Craigslist! How did you get on this MUO article, too? Yes, we’ve covered the list of Craig quite a few times here on MUO, but there’s one item you should take note of on Craigslist’s front page. Right under the “For Sale” section of the site, you’ll see a link that simply says “free”.

Well… I bet you’re wondering where that’s going to lead you, right? This section of the site is full of free stuff just ready for you to take. After a quick search in my area, I found shoes, baby clothes, and even adult-sized clothes. One pretty nice item was an advertisement by a thrift store that was giving away a ton of free clothes for one day only. Make sure you take a look at the ads in your location.

Free Stuff Channel

find free clothes

The site mentioned here is a whole lot like a site called Hey, It’s Free! that I reviewed a few weeks ago. Basically, the creators of the site go around the Internet in search for magical items such as free promotional products and special offers coupons. Pretty cool.

However, if there’s anything that businesses like to make, it’s t-shirts, right? (We even have a few on MUO.) It also seems as if companies love giving away their t-shirts. Fortunately, in addition to everything else the site has to offer, the Free Stuff Channel goes around looking for promo items such as these. The site is updated daily, so you could have quite a large wardrobe before the year is over.

Cool Freebie Links

free clothes

Cool Freebies Links looks like a site from the nineties and it also uses my least favorite font – Comic Sans – but it has quite a bit of free stuff that is collected in the same fashion as the Free Stuff Channel. It’s a lot of text to read, but each bit of it is very valuable.

I’m not entirely sure how often the site updates, but they had quite a collection of promo clothing for you to grab if you’re lucky. Look through their listings, and you may even find other sites for other free materials.


Well that’s that, my thread-mooching friends. If you’re low on cash, you definitely have quite a few options to choose from for free clothes. Sure, with some of these you may have to put up with a company logo but that’s better than running around naked, right?

What other sites do you use to find free clothing? Did you find anything pretty cool on the ones shown here?

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