5 Sites for Quick Creativity: Peanuts, GIFs and Mashups

Stop being boring on social media: make hilarious or wonderful things instead of your usual rants. From turning your friends into Peanuts characters to compiling the greatest playlist of YouTube videos ever seen, a variety of sites around the web make it easy to create things people will like.

Today’s Cool Websites points out five websites that let you quickly create something. Let’s see what we can make today.

Peanutize: Turn Your Friends Into a Peanuts Character

A half century later, Charles M. Schulz’s Peanuts remains beloved. A new site lets you make your Peanuts character, and it’s pretty entertaining.


Yes, it’s basically a browser-based version of Mii Maker that’s intended to promote an upcoming movie. And yes, the sight of slightly-but-not-entirely CGI peanuts characters is a little unsettling. I hope this movie doesn’t screw up Peanuts.

But the site is fun, and if you make versions of your friends and post them to Facebook I bet a good time will be had by all.

Make Your Own GIF Party: Create Something Spectacular

Not into old newspaper comic strips? Here’s something a little more native to the Internet: animated GIFs.

Corgi Orgy is a simple mashup of an animated GIF with music, and the results are hilarious. Make Your Own GIF Party lets you try your hand at the same thing.


Fire up your favorite sources for animated GIFs, then find the perfect sound on YouTube. You’ll have your own GIF party in no time. Be sure to use this power only for good.

There are other ways to combine GIFs with sound, but none that will fill browser windows with hundreds of GIFs. Make something for your friends: they’ll love it.

Bureau Of Communication: Hallmark Meets Soviet Bureaucracy; Express Your Feelings with Forms

Hallmark, and other greeting card companies, boil down human interaction into a ritual, turn that ritual into a commodity, then sell that commodity at drug stores. You can express your unique feelings by purchasing a card used by hundreds of thousands of others for the same occasion.

If you’re going to relate to other human beings with the emotional equivalent of form letter, why not go all the way and send an actual form letter? That’s at least part of the idea of the Bureau of Communications, which lets you express your emotions by filling in the blanks and checking the proper boxes. You’ll recognize the patterns immediately:


It’s a potentially hilarious alternative to the standard holiday or birthday greeting, so check it out and share the results with friends.

If you’d like to take a more creative approach, there are other ways to make greeting cards, if you prefer something more traditional.

Crossfade.io: Mashup Videos with Audio

Some videos are clearly missing a soundtrack; Crossfade lets you fix that. Find a video, then find an appropriate song for it. Set the time that both should start, and make something magical.


Go ahead: combine Donald Trumps’ debate performance with a Weird Al song, or add an appropriate soundtrack to weird footage from North Korea. You know you want to, just let us know what you make in the comments okay?

RadMontage: Make YouTube Playlists: Compile an Amazing Playlist of YouTube Videos

Some videos just belong together – this site lets you offer them all at once. And unlike YouTube’s playlists function, you decide when the videos start and end – meaning you can cut out any fluff.


A few people have used this to great effect already. For example, one user compiled all the videos from
Greg Rutter’s list of Internet things, and watching it is a glorious way to waste time reliving the Internet of years gone by. But you could use this to put together a montage of just about anything, especially if you collect only best moments from otherwise longer videos. So I’m wondering: what kinds of things you’ll compile?

What Did You Create?

I’ve given you five tools to quickly make something awesome, and I want to know what you made. Link to your creations in the comments below, okay? And let me know about any other sites that let you make things, quickly, because I’d love to learn from you.

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