5 Sites To Spread The Love For Google Doodle Pictures

There’s nothing really eye catching on the simple white page of Google. Except, the Google Doodle pictures. Google has always found a way to make a signature statement using special logos for special moments. The homepage logos have become a part of internet folklore. Going by strict logo definitions, the “˜Google’ we see is a wordmark. But come any special occasion or a festival, the logo transforms into special characters and that’s what has become known as Google Doodles. They are also called Holiday Logos.

The latest one by the way is a celebration of the barcodes birthday (check the thumbnail on top). The now commonplace barcode was patented on October 7th, 1952 and Google marks the commemoration by tweaking its logo.

Some doodles are for selected countries. As an Indian, I especially remember the tweak on October 2. Google honored the man who led India’s independence movement. Google replaced its “˜G’ with a line drawing of the national icon’s face. So the Google Doodle pictures are also gentle reminders of the significant days in our busy lives. I caught that one but I missed the one they did as a tribute to Michael Jackson.

It is a very minor thing, but it’s an oddity. And it’s oddities like Google Doodles that make for collectors items. A Google Doodle picture may be nonphysical for the real world but it is a curiosity nonetheless. So where does one go to see the graphic magic that Google is doing with its logo? The fan pages, of course!

The Official Google Holiday Logos Page


Google has an obscure page devoted to its art form. The page is a comprehensive listing of all logos going right back to the first one in 1988. The Burning Man festival was the first one (see pic).

Ads by Google

Apart from the holiday logos, you can also check out the Fan Logos link which is a showcase of Google buffs getting inspired and amok on their graphic programs. If you are looking for a particular logo, use the keyword in the search box. And if you are that keen, using the RSS feed on the page would be a good option.

Doodle Source

google doodle pictures

A beta site which has the avowed aim of gathering all Google Doodle pictures and building an archive of them. It’s fairly new with all the recent listings going back to August of this year. So don’t expect a huge collection just yet. The site though lists the logos categorized by countries. You can also use the search link to search by keyword, country or date. The site has a sister website at Doodlerepository.com.



Almost resembling a mirror site of the official Google site with its date linked holiday logo listings. The Google style logos’ online museum is a fan site and as much a comprehensive display going right back to the beginning.

Google Logos Collection


A blog style site built on the appreciation of Google art work. The amount of logos showcased here are around 222. The author also lists his favorite Top official Google logos.



Just to break the same-old-thing yawn, check out the collection of fake Google inspired holiday logos. All created by Google devotees from around the world. You have a whole series of logos poking fun at the Google logo. Think of it as an off-handed compliment. But check out the linked interview (featured in Korean Herald) with Dennis Hwang, the hand behind the real Google logos.

Here’s more from Dennis Hwang and his thoughts on oodles of doodles.

Though there are few more fan sites expressing love for the Google logo, these five should hold our interest. With their complete collection, they should be adequate reference points in case you miss the point of a certain logo.

For example, did you know that Google holds a competition for K-12 students to re-imagine Google’s homepage logo? The Doodle 4 Google 2009 winner, Christin Engelberth’s winning entry is below ““


As I said, there’s a little story behind each logo. Call it clever branding or just call it fun, Google gets its doodles right.

Which is your favorite Google logo? My favorite one was the “˜Unexplained Phenomenon’ on Sep 05, 2009.

Let us know yours, share them in the comments.

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