5 Tech Brand Names That You’re Probably Saying Wrong

Businesses go to great lengths to find the right names for their brands and products — ones that are full of symbolism, cutesy references, or some mysterious connection to history or mythology. But many of us are pronouncing those names all wrong. Take these five brand names, for example:

1. Asus: Is it ay-soos? Ah-soose? Ay-suss? Nope. The company changed the correct, official version a few years ago from ah-seuss to ay-seuss, which has only caused more confusion.

2. Xiaomi: The correct version of this one is shao-me. Think of it as show (as in “shower”) plus me. Xi-ah-oh-me, za-yo-mi, and shao-mee are some of the incorrect pronunciations floating around.

3. Huawei: This one’s supposed to be wah-way, but it often gets butchered to hyu-ah-way, who-ah-way, wah-wee, wuh-wee…

4. Adobe: Call it uh-doh-be. Be prepared to get several odd looks though, from all those people who prefer uh-dob or uh-doab, both of which are incorrect.

5. Samsung: What? It’s sahm-sung and not sam-sung as I have been calling it all along? That’s what the Korean lady in the video below is telling me.

Are there any brand names that you were pronouncing wrong this whole time and now stand corrected? Do you still prefer the wrong version? Tell us in the comments.

Image Credit: how to pronounce question write on paper by woaiss via Shutterstock