5 Useful Twitter Hashtags That You Really Need to Know

twitter hashtagsWhile Twitter has evolved in many ways ever since its launch back in 2006, it still remains as one of the most potent social media forces on the Internet. Millions of users worldwide use Twitter to connect and form relationships, whether those relationships are personal, business, or otherwise.

If you use Twitter–or plan to begin using it–then you must know that hashtags are a big part of the experience. Hashtags allow you to “tag” your tweets so that they can be categorized for ease of search and collectivity.

A few months ago, I wrote an article about useful Twitter hashtags for writers. I’m back with another installment related to Twitter hashtags–this time detailing a few hashtags that you might find useful no matter who you are.


If you’re a trivia and fact junkie like me, then you’ll love what this hashtag has to offer. People all over the world will share their facts with you by using this hashtag, and if you’re in the mood to learn a bunch of interesting facts, you can search Twitter for other tweets that have been tagged with #DidYouKnow.

Did you know that pretzels were invented by Monks? Did you know that you burn more calories while you sleep than when you watch TV? Did you know that when you crack your knuckles, the popping is actually the sound of nitrogen gas release? These are some of the things I just learned from this hashtag!


twitter hashtagsLike #DidYouKnow, the #HowTo hashtag is great for learning. Instead of learning one-off trivial facts, however, the #HowTo tag is useful for learning more in-depth activities and pursuits.

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For example, you can learn how to bake a pie. How to improvise toothpaste. How to perform a proper bicep curl. How to speed up the ripening of your fruits. It all depends on what people are currently linking to, but you can learn a bunch of new things with #HowTo.


list of twitter hashtagsWe recently shared a few articles related to TED Talks. Here’s one that compiles a few videos on human psychology and behavior. Here’s one on human creativity and passion. I don’t know about you, but I find TED Talks to be fascinating.

Fortunately, the #TED hashtag is useful when you want to discover some TED Talks that other people feel are worth sharing. It’s that simple.


list of twitter hashtagsAre you a history buff? Or even if you’re not, perhaps you love learning random little facts pertaining to history. If so, then the #History hashtag will be useful to you.

Sometimes, a famous person will have done something interesting a few hundred years back on today’s date–and a knowledgeable person will share that fact on Twitter using this hashtag. Other people are content with simply sharing random facts about history in general. European history, Asian history, Ancient history. It’s all fair game here.


twitter hashtagsThe #HomeMaking hashtag is useful for learning different ways to improve the feel and aesthetics of your home. Whether you’ve just moved into a new (yet empty) apartment, or you’ve been living in the same dump for five years, you’re bound to find something of use here.

While I write this article, just a quick browse shows me how I can make homemade insect bait and bug killers. There’s also a linked article on how to hang dry your laundry and why you should do so. Very helpful, if you ask me.


Did you find these hashtags useful? I hope you found them as useful as I did. But if you have any other hashtags that you think are useful and belong on this list, please feel to share them with us. As you might be able to tell from this article, I’m always up for learning more.

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