5 Video Game Characters That Should Not Exist

Is there anything worse than a masterpiece of a video game that is unfortunately taken hostage by a single character that somehow manages to ruin the entire experience? That’s an extreme case, and maybe even an exaggeration, but bad video game characters aren’t fun. I love the gameplay, but do I really have to see this character’s face the entire time? It’s a thought that will bring a cringe to any gamer that can relate to this experience.

Luckily for you, I’ve compiled a list of five of the most annoying video game character that you’ll ever have the displeasure of running into. The bad part? All of them happen to be in games that are quite popular and considered to be good by the majority of gamers. It’s unfortunate.

Tidus (Final Fantasy X)

Let’s kick this list off with what is probably my most controversial pick. Tidus, a Blitzball star from Zanarkand, is the main character of Final Fantasy X. Let me make it clear that the Tidus of the US version of FF10 is who I am referring to. Why is this so important? The most glaring reason why I can barely tolerate a playthrough of this game (and Final Fantasy is my favorite RPG series of all-time, despite each game being so different) is because I constantly have to hear this guy’s voice through the entire thing!

It’s not just the voice. I have nothing personally against the voice actor behind this character. It’s that the voice is wrapped around one of the most annoying personalities I’ve ever had to endure when it comes to the RPG genre. Tidus is very upbeat and enthusiastic. He’s a 17 year-old kid who loves adventure. There are many other RPG titles where the main protagonist fits this mold, but the dialogue in FF10 makes me want to pull my hair out.

I love Final Fantasy, but I can’t tolerate this character. If you’re a huge fan of FF10 and played it as a kid, I can see where you may have a soft spot for Tidus. If you’re a bit older and grew up on classics like Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy VII, you’re rolling your eyes at this guy. I never want to hear that laugh again.

Natalya (GoldenEye 007)

GoldenEye 007 is a great game. It may be the most important game in the history of first-person shooters on consoles. What isn’t great is Natalya’s AI.

Natalya is a computer programmer that James Bond must escort and save from bad guys in the game. Right off the bat, you should immediately associate this poor girl with being annoying simply because we’re getting involved in an escort mission. Those are never enjoyable.

Natalya will walk as slow as possible. She’ll walk through paths where enemies are shooting bullets. She’ll walk in front of you while you’re shooting. It’s as if she has no aspiration of making this part of the game easier on you. It’s like she has no desire to live at all, actually.

Dan Hibiki (Street Fighter)

What you might consider annoying, I might consider hilarious. Dan is the comic relief of this series. He is an arrogant and pathetic character, yet he has a cult following like no other.

First of all, Dan is an incredibly overconfident character who happens to wear a pink gi. By visual design itself, it’s tough to start taking Dan seriously.


Dan shoots fireballs that barely even manage to travel away from his hand. His windmill kick is one of the slowest I’ve ever seen. He bursts into tears when he wins, and he rips his shirt like Hulk Hogan when he flexes. In some Street Fighter games, he will literally pull his pants down and moon you as a taunt. In others, he’ll pat his backside.

Either you love Dan or you hate him.

Princess Peach (Mario Bros.)

This probably sounds pretty harsh, but is it necessary for Princess Peach to exist? Imagine the Mario Bros. series of games and what kind of neat other adventures we could be indulging in if not constantly trying to save this lady.

Is it too much to ask that Princess Peach does not get captured somehow in every Mario game? Do we really have to save her? It’s a little repetitive after a while. In Super Mario 64, we venture into a castle at the promise of cake and end up running around an entire world of trouble because this princess managed to get kidnapped inside of her own castle. She’s holding Mario back.

Navi (The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time)

It’s tough to pick at a game as beloved as Ocarina of Time, but I bet if you ask anyone who has beaten the game what they hate the most about it they will at least consider this annoying little fairy.

Navi follows you around through the entire game like a clingy ex-girlfriend who will simply not leave you alone. Her input it not necessary or even helpful. “Hey! Listen! Hey! Watch out! Hey! Listen! Hey!”

The fairy has been a staple of the series of Zelda games, but nobody likes this one. Can’t she just shut up and leave us alone while we try and enjoy one of the best Nintendo 64 games ever made? I’d rather endure the Water Temple five times over than deal with this.


Love them or hate them, we unfortunately have to deal with them. These characters are like nails on a chalkboard to me (well, other than Dan). What about you? Which video game characters really grind your gears? There are a lot more left to name, and I want to hear from you in the comments below!

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