6 Cool Watch Faces For Your Android Wear Smartwatch

If you’ve read our guide to picking an Android Wear smartwatch and have a shiny new toy on your wrist, congratulations! While Android Wear hasn’t really become a must-have yet, it has lots of cool functions that are only getting better as time goes on.

No matter which device you’re rocking — perhaps the LG G Watch (our review) or the Moto 360, which we’ve also reviewed — Wear allows you to set a custom watch face. The default ones are cool enough, but you go with Android because you want to customize, right? Let’s take a look at the coolest faces for your watch.

Secret Agent Watchface

Fans of the N64 classic Goldeneye 007 will recognize this one right away. Coming from a licensed video game that’s actually good, this face duplicates Bond’s watch that serves as the in-game pause menu.


In Goldeneye, the bars on the left represent the player’s health, while the right shows your body armor. This is cleverly implemented into the watch; the left bars show your phone’s remaining battery life and the watch battery shows on the right. Otherwise, there’s a digital clock in the center with a faded analog display behind it, along with date display. The developer also plans to feature Google Fit integration when it’s available by showing your progress towards your step goal in the bars at the bottom.

Video game fans will obviously love this face, but even if you’re not a gamer, this is a cool choice. You can grab it on the Play Store for free.

Fallout Round

For this one, you’ll need to install the watch face manager Facer, available for $1 in the Play Store. Once it’s installed, you’ll have access to a variety of user-created faces and can even make your own. There’s even a Facer subreddit if you need some inspiration.


Another gaming-themed watch, this one borrows from a scene in Fallout 3, where you have a basic watch on your wrist instead of your Pip-Boy computer. It features a simple design with Vault Boy’s hands as the hands of the watch. The date is displayed in typical watch fashion, too.

If you’re not a big fan of Fallout, this probably isn’t your best choice. Lovers of the series, however, have probably been waiting for a while to finally get to wear this watch, and it’s awesome to see it finally realized with Android Wear.


Matrix Face For Android Wear

This Matrix-themed face features the animation code from Neo’s computer screen in the movie, giving it a sharp look. It doesn’t include any information other than the time, but it’s still a cool and eye-catching option. This is a great choice for showing off your new watch to friends, and it’s the only one on this list that is animated.

The Matrix is no stranger to computer customization; it’s also available as a screensaver for Windows (as well as a WordPress theme), but it no doubt looks cooler on your wrist.


Another option from Facer, this one doesn’t reference any pop culture. Instead, it features a no-frills design with words instead of numbers. The date and current battery life are listed at the bottom, so all the info you could need is accessible to you at once.


Watch purists won’t be happy with this one, but if you’re willing to try something a bit different, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Plus, the black background means you won’t be blinded when you use your watch in the dark.

Aviator Watch Face

The most standard watch face out of the group, the Aviator watch face mimics the full-featured watches pilots relied on in the early days of flight. It brings not just the time, but also a battery indicator, date and day of week dial, and the current weather and temperature. You’ll feel like a real pilot!


Even if you aren’t into aviation, this face still features a slick, modern look, and will be more appropriate in formal situations than some of the above. If you aren’t willing to compromise on style for your smartwatch, this is the choice for you. Aviator Watch Face is $1 on Google Play.

Rebecca Minkoff Watch Face

Featuring another classy style, this watch face is clean and doesn’t show anything more than the time. By using “studs” instead of numbers, it creates a chic look, so it’s perfect if you have a fancy band on your watch. The Minoff design is also more feminine than the others, if that’s a consideration.


Got The Time?

These six choices are far from the only offerings that Android Wear offers for telling time in style, but they’re a good sampling for everyone. Google is rolling out a big update to Android Wear which means even more watch faces will be popping up soon. For a sneak peak at some of the first, check out the new page on the Play Store devoted to watch faces.

More interested in function over form? Check out the details on how wearable technology works.

Which watch face is your favorite so far? If you know of one we don’t, share it with us in the comments!

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