6 Ways To Add Your Information To Evernote

evernote reviewEvernote, your “external brain”, is an excellent way to get just about anything out of your head, and into a system that helps you remember things and get them done (it’s also something I’ve written about here before). It can be used for any number of purposes and uses, and is one of only a couple of tools I absolutely can’t live without.

One of the best features of Evernote is how easy it is to add things to it, and how many platforms Evernote supports. It’s awfully close to ubiquitous, with some the best and most availability of any application I’ve ever used.

Of the many ways to do so, here are six easy ways to add things into Evernote:

The Web


Evernote is, first and foremost, a Web application. Using the Web interface from Evernote, you can create and edit notes, as well as upload files and images to go along with your notes. There’s a Web Clipper for clipping web pages and snippets, and Evernote’s interface can serve as everything from a writing tool (with a lot of styling options) to a total file-manager, all right from the Web interface.

Desktop Version


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Evernote offers downloads for desktop versions of the application, with Windows, Mac, and even portable versions available. Once you’ve downloaded the application, in addition to your notes always being available offline, adding notes becomes even easier.

You can easily create notes, add files, and organize all of your notes. The desktop versions even let you take screenshots and save them into Evernote, where they then become searchable (one of the coolest features of Evernote).

Windows Mobile


Not always at your computer? Me neither. Luckily, Evernote has you covered, offering a bunch of different solutions for your phone.

My phone, as well as many others’, is a Windows Mobile phone – with a great application available from Evernote. Once the application is downloaded to your phone, you can add notes by text, by recording voice notes, or by uploading pictures from your phone’s camera. You can even upload a file from your phone (great if you get your email on your phone), and have it available right from Evernote.



The iPhone application is a new, but fantastic, application from Evernote. Once installed on your iPhone, you can create notes right from your iPhone or iPod Touch and have them uploaded to Evernote.

You can upload pictures, or even take voice notes (much like the Windows Mobile version, but native to the iPhone).  Notes can be marked as “favorites”, making them available to you even offline.

One tip I really like? Taking screenshots of the iPhone, and then uploading them to Evernote is easy, and great for explaining iPhone applications like this one.



For those who aren’t carrying smartphones or iPhones, but still want to use Evernote, email is the solution for you. Every Evernote account comes with a dedicated email address, to which you can forward emails, send files, send notes, and anything else you can think of to put in an email. It’ll all be available to you in Evernote, and easily manageable and searchable.

Instead of letting your Inbox fill up, try pushing everything to Evernote, and keeping your email clean. To find your Evernote email address, go to “Settings” and look under “Emailing your Memories.”

Any Phone, Anywhere


It seems a fairly safe assumption that most of us have cell phones, or at least are near a phone most of the time. If that’s the case, you can add notes to Evernote using only your voice. There are a number of applications (Dial2Do and Jott are two of the best) that will let you add notes to Evernote by saying a few words. Just pick up the phone, call a number, say your piece, and let one of these applications transcribe them for you and add them into your Evernote notebooks.

Anytime you need to remember something, there’s bound to be a way for you to put it into Evernote. If not, just write it down or take a picture – Evernote takes those too.

How do you add your notes into Evernote?

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