7 Online Dating Stats That Just Might Surprise You

1. Online dating is 20 years old. It still feels like a new phenomenon, but the very first online dating site – Match.com – launched way back in 1995. By comparison, Google launched in 1998.

2. The largest online dating service is Badoo. With 270 million users in 2015, Badoo’s membership is larger than eHarmony, OkCupid, and Match.com combined. Though to be fair, Badoo is more of a social networking site that emphasizes dating.

3. The majority of Americans view online dating positively. In 2013, the Pew Research Group found that 59 percent of Americans considered online dating to be “a good way to meet people” and only 21 percent of Americans viewed online daters as “desperate”.

4. Relationships that begin online are quicker to get married. According to StatisticBrain, couples who meet online get married after 18.5 months on average. Comparatively, couples who meet offline get married after an average of 42 months.

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5. About 17 percent of American couples who got married in 2015 met online. In addition, at least 1 out of every 5 committed relationships started online, and that number continues to grow to this day.

6. Chemistry.com has the largest female-to-male ratio. According to Web Personals Online, there are 2.546 females for every male on Chemistry.com. Ratios for eHarmony and Match.com are 2.185 and 1.222, respectively, while nearly all other sites are heavily skewed towards men.

7. The average Tinder user spends over 1 hour per day on the app. By comparison, the average Instagram user only spends 21 minutes per day on the app. With the right Tinder pickup lines, it doesn’t seem farfetched that time would get away.

How many of these online dating stats surprised you? What are your thoughts on online dating? Drop a comment below and tell us what you think!

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