8 Best Daily Jokes Sites To Lighten Up Your Mood

daily joke sitesResearch has shown that the mere physical act of smiling, without actually feeling like it, triggers internal biological reactions that stimulate emotions and contribute to a better mood – in you and others.

In other words, when you feel down, fake a big fat smile and you will lighten up automatically. But be careful, it also works the other way around, so remember to keep smiling. 🙂

Of course genuine smiling works a lot better, so try one of the daily joke sites below for some serious fun.


daily joke of the day“The funniest place on the web”, so they say.

The best joke of the day is featured on the front page and several more are waiting for your vote on the “all submissions” site. The site also features funny stories.

To contribute you can share your own jokes or stories. Be warned though, the site contains explicit language, like most of the sites mentioned further down in this post.

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Pun Gents

“Fresh & Original Pun of the Day.”

daily joke by email

Puns intended. Can be subscribed to by RSS and eMail. That is to say yu can receive daily jokes by email. Puns can be demanded (submitted).

Funny Jokes Daily

funny jokes daily

A joke diary in blog style launched in May 2006 that features all the jokes the author has collected for his own entertainment over the years.

4. The Laughspot

daily jokes

Just a simple site that features a single joke of the day. No archives, no looking back. Can be subscribed to by eMail.

Daily Jokes

“One New Clean Joke Available Each Day.”


The site was launched in November 2008. It offers a feed available through RSS and eMail. Jokes are categorized and can be browsed by category.

1 Joke a Day

“Jokes, jokes, jokes…… This blog uploads a new joke on a daily basis. It’s all about making you laugh, brighten your day and cheer you up! After all, laughter is the best medicine!”

tell a joke

Some are long, some are short, some aren’t clean.

50Plus’s Daily Joke


In the Entertainment section of 50Plus you’ll find Daily Jokes that will make you smile mildly. Just the right thing when you can’t afford to laugh out loud.


“Laughter is the best medicine.”


In addition to a daily joke, WholeLook has daily quotes, riddles and puns. Good place to waste some time, enjoy yourself and get a mood boost.

How about funny jokes? Jester 4.0


“Jokes for Your Sense of Humor.”

Don’t care for daily jokes but rather want funny jokes? You should check out Jester where your sense of humor will be evaluated based on 8 different jokes. You will be asked to rate these jokes and all following, so that Jester can continuously refine the suggestions it makes.

Where do you get your dose of daily laughter? Can we have some too, please?

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