8 Calming Chrome Tools for Relaxing Music & Sounds

If you are someone who loves the hustle and bustle of the holidays, then you know that it can also be a stressful time. Shopping, decorating, baking, cooking, wrapping, and even more shopping fill your time and keep you busy.

But, now that the holidays are over it is time to relax and de-stress and there are several great tools for Chrome that can help you do this. So, sit back, unwind, and enjoy your browsing with these calming apps and extensions.


Relaxing Music, Sights and Sounds

Relaxing Sounds by Giovesoft is an extension that will bring tranquil sounds right to your fingertips. You can choose from over 30 different relaxing sounds from nature to music. Browse the Web or get to work on your blog while chirping birds, soft rain, or gentle ocean waves play in the background. There is also a bass tone, music box, and subtle drum if you prefer music. So, select a soothing sound and let the stress roll away.


Click & Relax is an app for Chrome that not only brings you calming sounds, but beautiful scenes as well. You can choose from over 35 themes that also include videos. Select a forest scene, white beach, or rainy day theme and hear the relaxing sounds that go along with it. Or, try one of the videos that let you see and listen to a burning campfire, lovely countryside, or winter creek. You also have the option to enter full screen mode for a completely peaceful experience.

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Moodstream.net is another app that displays gorgeous scenes along with calming music and relaxing sounds. Each category includes up to four different audios to enjoy, with categories like Zen, country, water, and dreamy. Once you select your category and sound, you can put the app into visual mode to view the nice photo and hear the relaxing sounds. The app also includes a handy sleep timer that can bet set for up to 90 minutes. Moodstream.net is a wonderful tool to help you relax.


Relax.li is a Chrome app that fills your tab with rushing waterfalls, ocean waves, or serene woodlands. There are 16 moving scenes and each includes music or sounds to match. For example, snowy mountains come with a tranquil song while tropical beach brings the sounds of the ocean. Relax.li is a great option if you prefer video over static images.


Create Different Types of Relaxing Sounds

Pulsate is an app you will enjoy if you like creating your own musical sounds. You place circles on the screen and as they continue to grow, shrink, and touch, musical tones will be created. You can easily add and remove circles, adjust the beats per minute, change the delay, and even use a different tone. So, for a visual as well as an audio relaxation app that puts you in control, Pulsate is a pleasant choice.


ZenCast is an easy-to-use app for making your own nature sounds. You simply select a preset such as the beach at night or a rainy day. Then you can adjust the different unique sounds to get just the one you want and even add others. For instance, using the mountain walk preset you can make the birds louder, the river calmer, and even add the sound of rain. ZenCast is a fun tool to create a tailor-made sound that works best for you.


White Noise is a Chrome app that plays just that – white noise. This is for people who do not actually enjoy nature sounds or gentle music. You simply choose the color that correlates to a specific type of noise. For example, gray noise is similar to a waterfall sound whereas brown noise has a softer sound. So, if sound does help you relax, but sounds of water or musical notes do not, take a look at White Noise.


Take a Break

Breathe is an interesting Chrome extension that has a straightforward concept and purpose. It pauses your tab and simply reminds you to take a deep breath. You set the app to remind you anywhere from 10 minutes to up to four hours. You then also choose for how long you want your session to last, from just taking one deep breath to a session lasting 10 minutes. Breathe is a good app that reminds you to stop, take a short break, and breathe deeply to relax and relieve your stress.


Do You Use Any Chrome Extensions or Apps to Relax?

Having that tranquil music or those soothing sound effects in the background as you work or even browse the news on Chrome can be quite beneficial to your mood. And, if you can take a break and view those that offer stunning scenes to go along with the sounds, then it may be just the right relaxation tool for you.

Do you use any tools similar to these that you would like to share? Feel free to comment below.

Image Credit: Romolo Tavani via Shutterstock.com