9 Of The Strangest Things Found On Craigslist

strange craigslistWhile browsing Craigslist for various items that may or may not relate to illegal activities, I found an ad that simply said, “Go to YOUTUBE & type in BULLYFREESONG (no spaces)”. I clicked the said ad, under the impression that I would find a link to the mentioned video… but sure enough, there wasn’t one. Why would anyone post an ad like this when they could just post the link?!

It was then and there that I realized there are probably some other crazy things among the virtual classifieds, and fortunately, I found the Best Of section of the site. While there, I found some very strange items on there, so I thought I would share them with you!

Spokane: Bigfoot

strange craigslist

When I first saw this ad, it mentioned something about an imaginary friend. Naturally, I figured that’s all it would be – a goofy ad about an imaginary friend seeking real friends. Not exactly… What I did find was an entire ad about Bigfoot looking for love, and it’s definitely worth checking out. (Responding is optional.)

Baltimore: Body Dumping Site

strangest craigslist ads

With all the humorous stuff concerning Siri and body disposal, I thought I’d put this one on the list. Someone in Baltimore offered up their backyard for a good body dumping site. Why? Apparently, it’s legal to dump a body in Baltimore, and furthermore, civilians don’t have to report a dead body. Don’t take my word on this, for I’m just reiterating the ad.

Asheville: 1970s Avocado Green Toilet

strangest craigslist ads

Oh, the seventies – a time in which home decor was bad and earth tones ruled the day. This porcelain wonder is advertised as a place where you can sit “while leafing through a Reader’s Digest, smoking a cigarette, watching Chico and the Man”. Sounds like a party, indeed.

Washington, D.C.: Actor Needed

strangest craigslist ads

I don’t know why I clicked the simple ad request for an actor, but I did. Basically, someone needed an actor to “lose” the family dog so the kids wouldn’t be too hurt. The premise of this was both cruel and genius. I loved it. Also, the fact that it was a $500 gig wasn’t too bad, either.

Minneapolis: MacBook Wanted

9 of the Strangest Things Found on Craigslist StrangeCraigslist6

Before I got my MacBook, I was willing to do whatever I could to get one. This college kid obviously wanted one really bad for school. However, instead of offering up cash, he opts for the barter system, offering items such as his Robin Hood: Men in Tights DVD and a can of vegetables (your choice!).

Raleigh: Ghost Wanted

9 of the Strangest Things Found on Craigslist StrangeCraigslist7

This is actually the most recent BOC I found, but it’s different, fresh, and unique. To put things short and sweet, it would appear that a documentary filmmaker is looking to contact a ghost. Ah, but not just any ghost – a ghost who is using the Internet. Brilliant, really.

Orlando: Human Soul

9 of the Strangest Things Found on Craigslist StrangeCraigslist8

Much like how I was forced to sign away my soul when I began writing for MakeUseOf (I should really start reading contracts more thoroughly – kidding, I love MUO), a fellow right on Craigslist tried to sell his soul on a “Black Friday special”. His purpose of doing this was to simply earn money for Christmas shopping. However, he was also open to bartering. Perhaps the MacBook kid could haven taken a note?

London: Henchmen Needed


9 of the Strangest Things Found on Craigslist StrangeCraigslist9

Based on the details of this ad, Jacques “The Zapper” Zerapi was in need of a few good henchmen to get his super-villain lifestyle started. With desired traits such as a “flexible moral code” and “being a corrupt government official”, I’m sure there were plenty of applicants available.

New York: Potato Cannon

strange craigslist

This… I don’t know what to say about this. Apparently, the fellow was wanting to get rid of his 8-feet long potato cannon because “the neighbors figured out what was happening”. I’d like to know the story behind this, so if any of you want to email him and ask, leave your findings in the comments.


I really don’t know if all of these ads are real (some are obviously fake), but I almost wish all of them were. The world could use a few more interesting things, don’t you think? Perhaps Craigslist is where we could start! For more Strange Craigslist, check out the Best of Craigslist.

What other strange ads have you found on Craigslist? Do you know of any other places with odd items such as these?

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