A Search Engine for Songs Playing on Internet Radio Now Exists

What if, at any given second, you could search the songs playing right this second on Internet radio stations from around the world? It’s a far better solution than scanning them blindly one by one, isn’t it?

With OnRad.io, that solution is now reality. Every few seconds, this search engine trawls 100,000+ Internet radio stations worldwide and provides moment-to-moment accuracy of songs playing on those stations.

For example, if you searched for Adele’s “Hello”, you’d get a few stats on the song’s popularity and a list of all stations currently playing it. Knowing this, you can pay closer attention to said stations because these are the stations that likely play your kind of music.


Of course, OnRad.io is capable of connecting to and playing all of the stations it lists, so it’s not just a search engine. You can even share currently playing songs with others with OnRad.io’s special URLs.

The best feature, however, is that you can set up notifications for songs that aren’t playing right now. The next time OnRad.io detects a station playing it, it’ll ping you.

OnRad.io is available on the Web, Android, and iOS.

Will you be using this tool or are you going to stick with Spotify, Pandora, TuneIn, etc? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!