A Simple Explanation of What Net Neutrality Is All About

Net Neutrality has been in the news for quite some time now. Even with some smart net neutrality explanations online, it’s not a clear-cut concept to understand. We don’t blame you if you’re looking for more explanations of the subject. Maybe the simple visual approach taken by The Open Internet can help.

The one-page website shows you how Internet Service Providers or ISPs give you Internet access right now and how they want to do it in future. It summarizes the high-level changes that the lack of net neutrality could bring, such as corporate monopolies and unfair pricing practices.


You’ll be able to visualize what your data connection looks like now and how it will look if ISPs have their way. The bottom line is that the proposed vision of ISPs makes for a closed and discriminatory Internet — the opposite of what it is now. That said, there are some legitimate arguments against net neutrality.


Read our guide on net neutrality to understand the pros and cons of this much-debated subject. The Open Internet site also links to other relevant reading material.

Which is your favorite explanation of net neutrality? Feel free to link to it in the comments.

Image Credit: Net Neutrality by Bakhtiar Zein via Shutterstock