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You we’re at the National Hardware show looking at a lot of the new cool things for the home owners out there that brought me to the WORX booth and we are looking at one of the products that we spotlighted the gie show the aerocart this is an 8 in 1 card I wanted to kind of go through these.

Because we’ll just go quickly through but this is a convertible card you can use it as a two wheeler there’s some different apparatuses that’ll you know put the bottle you can.

Wheelbarrow just a lot of plant holder and different things that can be used with this cart to move big things what-have-you but what I want to show you today is we’ve got some new attachments for the aerocart and I’ve got Caroline here to show us a couple things at Boyd they definitely caught my eye as I was walking past the booth.

Caroline what’s new for the aerocart this year well our Eaton won all-purpose carrier the aerocart just keeps getting better and better there’s a number of different accessories that are available as add-ons for the product one of.

The most popular items is our.

Wagon kit and with the wagon kit you get the front he’s here to hold your water bottles some of your smaller tools that.

Hooks on you’ve got the pieces here so that you’ve got now four wheels instead of the two.

And your standard dolly mode and it also comes with the seat so it can be real comfortable if you want to sit on the side.
Of your garden and work or you can store different items different tools.

And gloves and everything inside another item is new organisation Todt with this one what I really like about.

It is these come out and you can position them anywhere along the front and back of it you can use it with or without the.

Arrow part so it’s just a great resource to have at any any time around the house we also have our firewood hauler which is a new accessory for the aerocart you can see that it has a.

Lot of capacity for some of the larger logs that you may not be able to fit in the aerocart just within the regular barrow it gives you a little more flexibility.

To stack them and take them over to the nearest fire pit or wherever you need to haul them and then also we have our tool holders which you can see here holding a couple of tools on the side it’s always hard to with when you have full hands and taking a lot of different tools out to the garden to.

Really have a place for all of them where they’re easy to get to these two holders are.

Actually Universal you can use them on pretty much any wheelbarrow as well as obviously the aerocart and they’re adjustable so they can hold different tools for you whether they’re smaller or even larger up to different shovels yeah that’s a great option for shovels rakes or even the small hand tools yes and so with these accessories these are just a few of them many more are available online at works comm which is wor XCOM Thank You Caroline we are the National.
Hardware Show 2015 looking at some of the cool new things you..

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