Adobe Media Player: Yet Another Online Video Distributor

It seems that with the rising popularity of online digitally distributed content, the internet has become more and more saturated with streaming/downloading video services. For example, there’s Joost and Hulu, which offers shows that you can view for free from anywhere that has an internet connection. Well, Adobe has also joined in on the running with [NO LONGER WORKS] Adobe Media Player.

Adobe Media Player is an Adobe AIR application that streams video straight to your desktop. It has quite a robust catalog, which includes major networks and popular shows shows such as CBS’s Big Brother or Comedy Central’s Colbert Report. Searching for shows is quite easy, as all the episodes are assigned tags that relate to their content. It’s pretty fun to search for something you’re interested in and then finding new shows that cater to your interests. In addition to the major networks, there are several Internet TV shows, such as Revision3’s Diggnation and Tekzilla, and also Adobe’s own original programming, Adobe TV.

Adobe TV provides original internet shows that instructs, educates, and pretty much revolves around the the world of Adobe products. Right now, Adobe TV is divided into four channels: Photographer, Designer, Video Professional, and Developer, with multiple programs available within these channels. I specifically mention Adobe TV because the shows produced on it have quite a good production value for an internet media network. Also, it’s available for viewing right inside your browser outside of Adobe Media Player.

This media player allows you to view your desired content online or offline, since it gives you the ability to track and downloaded your favourite shows. It also updates you when new episodes come out, and you can even upload your own personal videos and use Adobe Media Player as your video library. Unlike Hulu, which is accessed through a browser, Adobe Media Player is only available through its desktop application due to its episode update and download services.

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It’s nice to see that internet TV is gaining momentum, and will probably be quite a popular distribution media in the near future.

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