Africa Dcl Patched Still Sucks !!| The Hunter Call Of The Wild

Just to give you an idea I’m gonna show you where I’m at right now I’m on top of that outpost there that viewing tower that you see there and I’m also gonna look around and I’m going to show you how sake this game is this DLC Africa DLC no matter where you stand division there are no animals whatsoever.

You don’t see nothing 200 yards 400 yards 500 yards.

There’s no animals there’s nothing you cannot find nothing at all this place is barren and.

This is supposed to be the Africa DLC that they passed that they fixed to supposed to show you some animals you don’t see absolutely nothing here it’s empty okay here I’m just going around there’s no animals.

Far as the eye can see and here I’m using my necklace place is entirely empty no animals whatsoever okay and I think I’m at the highest point that you can go right here okay so you see there’s absolutely nothing it’s a piece of when they put the patch.

They say that they were gonna improve it they’re gonna make it the same as the other parks the.

Same amount of animals the same amount of quantity of animals as you see there’s absolutely nothing at all place is empty empty whatsoever nothing no animals anywhere I’m just going in circles.

See that you know spring bug the cells no kudos the wildebeests absolutely nothing this how sake this deal series I don’t have been going in circles now for.
How long yeah there you go I don’t see not even the distance you see one.

Goddamn animal and then you have these youtubers that make on these videos they put them on YouTube and they tell you how great.

This game is although I can kill so many animals in ah blah blah blah blah blah you know it’s a bunch of BS nothing having seen a single animal right through absolutely nothing nada almost 500 years look nothing at all you can see despite a single animal a hundred yards nothing it’s going in circle here right no animals whatsoever well that’s it for me boys and girls now you know what’s going on.

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