Africas Hunters || Series 1: 1of6 – The Hungry Leopard – Hd 1080p.

In the heart of Zambia’s Luangwa Valley lives a wise old female leopard she’s rained over her territory for more than a decade but now she’s in trouble her neighbors Alliance are making her life hell stealing her kills during the day it’s impossible to hunt cheese on everyone’s radar and things don’t get much easier after dark for the first.

Time a military-grade thermal camera follows and leopards nighttime struggles.

And captures behavior never seen before finally the.

World of these secretive nocturnal predators is revealed as the days pass.

The leopard is pushed to the brink of starvation she’ll need all.

Her skill and determination to survive meet komoti at 30 years of age she’s one.

Of the oldest known leopards in the African bush komoti means to wake in the local language after her thin frail frame her age is beginning to tell she’s not as fast or strong as she used to be and she’s struggling to catch prey she hasn’t.

Eaten for more than a week and is now having to hunt in broad daylight she may be old but she’s a perfectly designed predator her forward-facing eyes are set slightly apart enabling her to judge the exact distance between her and her prey with hearing five times more sensitive than ours.

And an acute sense of smell she doesn’t miss a thing but a little elephant shrew is hardly worth the effort Komachi lives in south luangwa national park in zambia an area of unspoiled wilderness at the southern end of Africa’s Great Rift Valley though she lives a solitary life she shares her home with a huge range of animals large and small hunters and the hunted it’s a land of open flames and ebony groves this diverse mix of habitats.

Variety of life more than 60 species of mammals and 400 species of birds it’s the perfect hunting ground for this experienced predator komoti has.

Reigned over two square miles of prime territory here for ten years antelope are her favourite prey among them cuckoo and Impala but despite their abundance she’s.

Finding it hard to get a decent meal and that’s not just because of her age she has to contend with some neighbors from hell the incessant pride they share come ortiz territory lions are.

The only truly social cats unlike Camus T these predators have strength in numbers 14 big cats a force to be reckoned with the encephalitis are the bane of committee’s life they frequently steal her hard-earned kills and if they see her they won’t hesitate to attack this isn’t because they see her as prey is to protect the youngest members of the pride the encephalon have recently welcomed.

Two new Cubs into their family just over two months old they’re starting to venture out into the wild.

But when their mother goes hunting they’re left alone and are extremely vulnerable many Cubs are killed and even eaten by leopards it’s a rivalry that cuts both ways no committees a threat to the cops she’s no match for their mother and she knows.

It weighing 280 pounds the lioness is more than three times committee’s weight with lions on the prowl she’ll spend the rest of the day well heavy at sunset a huge flock of qualia gathers together to roost these tiny sparrow like birds huddle together as the evening begins to cool in the pitch-black a military-grade camera that senses heat rather than light reveals a magical world the.

Nocturnal creatures emerged to lay claim to the night honey badgers forage for small mammals reptiles and insects guided by that keen sense of.
Smell up in the trees award ow is on the hunt and Bush babies awake.

The wilderness comes alive with creatures from the tiny elephant shrew to Luongo s.

Largest mammal millions of hot thread-like capillaries transform the elephant skin into a moving work of art toku and other antelope are on high alert and with good reason Comeau t’s excellent night vision gives her the advantage this is the first time a leopards every.

Move has been followed after dark because the revolutionary camera.

Picks up heat not color it doesn’t register komoti spotted coat but right now she has no need for camouflage she’s taking full advantage of the cover of darkness Ambala a favorite prey she must stay downwind she’s.

Not as fast as she used to be she needs to close the distance before launching her attack she’s missed but she keeps going success a fully grown male Impala weighing a hundred and thirty pounds it’s almost twice her weight what.

Her aging body lacks in speed she makes up for with experience a meal this size will keep her going for almost a week if she can eat her film she’s nervous eating out in the open.

Is risky scavengers are always on the prowl but her hunger is stronger than her fear one of her neighbors a lion from.

The encircle pride has picked up the scent and closes in komoti knows not to put up a fight she can’t risk getting injured but the lioness isn’t the only thief out tonight it’s small consolation for komoti a whole nights hunting and kamut ease patience and skill only earned her a few mouthfuls she often loses her kills to.

Lions disappointment is nothing new exhausted she gives in to sleep as dawn breaks karate is still trying to rest.

But flies are disturbing her peace it’s vital she regains her strength but it seems as if everything is against our peace at last meanwhile.

The Lions are also doing what Lions do best sleeping these top predators always seem to be relaxed females can sleep up to 18 hours a day with no risk from a higher predator and a diet rich in calories these carnivores have no need to expend unnecessary energy alert and constantly eating males if well-fed will sleep right around the clock a fool 24 hours thanks to komoti.

Skill this male is out for the count while the big cats sleep in the heat of the day other animals take their chance to venture.

Out into the open young baboons make the most of their freedom it always seems like enormous fun but there is a serious side to beef antics the boons like lions are highly social animals playing is all part of learning where each member fits in the pecking.

Order their place in the truth hierarchy will play a key role in their later lives adult baboons are never off their guard and rightly so nearby is a large male leopard.

One fat cat a male’s territory usually overlaps with a number of females although he’s right inside coyotes patch he’s no threat to her it’s the animals below that should be worried baboons and Impala stick together for good reason while antelope have the keenest sense of smell and hearing.

Baboons have the better eyesight and the perfect vantage points their teamwork pays off they spot the nebbish all this is more than he can take baboons are right to be wearing their one of the many animals on a leopard hit list they won’t give up until he’s out of sight he’ll have to find somewhere more peaceful to rest komoti doesn’t have the luxury of a daytime nap she is still desperately hungry her last full meal was eight days ago so she can last up to two.

Weeks without eating she is visibly thinner and weaker day time hunting is a last resort for leopards less than 1 in 20 hunts are successful but karate has no choice it’s midday and the temperature soars to a hundred.

Degrees Fahrenheit hardly the best time for an energy sapping stalk and chase a herd of.

Impala is wandering through her territory it’s an opportunity she can’t afford to miss Impala can run at 35 miles an hour over long distances they’re.

By no means easy prey in broad daylight it’ll be tough to Surprise them she’ll need to get within 20 feet before she can launch an attack the closer the better but the impala are out in the open and there where the troop.

Of keen-eyed baboons relying on experience she patiently sits and waits for them to come to her this is more like it now’s our chance to close the distance but it’s not just Impala and the Bruins that are on the lookout there are eyes and ears everywhere tree squirrels have some of the keenest eyes in the bush she’s been spotted karate growls in irritation the impala hear the warning komoti is well and truly rumbled.

And the hunt is over before it really began life for a solitary predator his tough she holds her tail aloft like a flag showing she’s no longer in hunting mode but the PACU aren’t taking any chances they grouped together as if to shepherd her away but their bravery has its limits in the heat of the midday Sun the bush is quiet a herd of giraffe heads down to the river to drink legs spread wide they’re at their most vulnerable but they know that the Lions.

Will be asleep other animals take advantage of.

The lion slumber and get a little rest of their own but one predator is still hunting Camus teased hunger drives her own this is her favorite hunting spot a dried-up river in the heart of her territory it runs through a clearing full of puku and Impala down in the gully she’s hidden from view even in broad daylight she’ll only strike when prey come close to the gullies edge while she watches and waits the hunter.

Becomes the hunted a lioness from the encircle pride is on her trail camus t is unaware of.

The danger she’s in the lioness’s gate intensifies her top speed is 36 miles an hour almost as fast as como tees the lioness stands guard confident she has komoti trapped but kamati is wily and sneaks off unnoticed once again she must hide until darkness returns the baboon’s are settling down for the night time for some grooming this is as much about strengthening bonds as it is about removing parasites.

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