Africas Hunters || Series 1: 1of6 – The Hungry Leopard – Hd 1080p.

And strong bonds are all the more vital when predators are about other hunters are on the prowl a crocodile can smell a carcass hundreds of feet away a civet cat hunts.

For insects leopards like komoti have the most varied diet of all the big cats in Africa eating more than 30 different prey species komoti will hunt animals as large as Impala.

Down to those the size of a hair or occasionally even smaller almost anything is fair game though a fully grown hippo is a little out of her League an Egyptian goose well beggars can’t be choosers timing is everything such an incredible hunt has never been filmed before watching again it’s clear just how close.

To God at 13 years old she’s an.

Elderly cat and not quite as fit as she once was in her younger days the outcome might have been different she heads back out on the hunt the encephalitis also looking for a kill together they’re a formidable team and this time the people must defend itself when in doubt head back to the river in the south of Camus.

T’s territory the big male leopard is on a baboon hunt baboons night vision is similar to ours vulnerable on the ground the safest thing to do is to roost as high up as possible the tallest trees are in Ebony groves time to sleep the leopard knows exactly where they are he’s now right in the.

Middle of the balloons it’s almost pitch black this is all they can see but they can hear something the baboon’s sound the alarm but it’s too late for one female member of the troupe climbing up a tree is one thing getting down is another especially with 25 pounds of baboon in your mouth he’s forced to release his skill as he drops to the ground the commotion draws in other hungry predators hyenas he’ll have to eat quickly the next day thousands.

Of carmine bee-eaters emerge from their riverbank nests on the edge of Camus T’s territory each new day brings new hunting.

Opportunities for the old experienced leopard komoti but despite her best efforts she hasn’t had a decent meal for nine days it’s critical that she eats soon she returns to her favorite hunting ground the antelope are right out in the open she knows there’s no point trying here.

She needs to be down in the galley she’s in luck an Impala drops.

Down into the dried-up river just what she needs this time there are no liens to distractor now.

It’s down to stealth speed and above all timing but.

There’s something she can’t control a sudden change in wind direction may have.

Given her sent away but if there’s one thing komoti has learned its.

Perseverance she moves further up the gully slowly does it the Impala edge ever closer yes our chance success at last a good-sized meal in the nick of time this will keep her going for a few days years of experience have made camus t the hunter that.

She is today cunning and skill patience and determination are key to her ongoing survival others her favorite hunting ground where she can be invisible even in daylight but Camus T’s age is catching up with her every hunt is getting that little bit harder and it won’t be long before she’s hungry again this is the life of a leopard in the African wilderness you.

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