Ahead of PM Modi’s visit, US calls for improvement in Indo-Pak ties

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The US has called for improvement in bilateral relationship between India and Pakistan, expressing concern over nuclear and missile developments in South Asia, saying a sustained and resilient dialogue process between the two neighbours is important.

“We are concerned by nuclear and missile developments in South Asia,” a State Department Spokesman told PTI when asked about the recent statement of Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, 80, the father of Pakistan’s nuclear program, that Islamabad has the ability to target New Delhi in five minutes.

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“We are concerned by the increased security challenges that accompany growing stockpiles and the increased risk that a conventional conflict between India and Pakistan could escalate to include nuclear use,” the spokesman said.

Improvements in Indo-Pak bilateral relations would greatly enhance prospects for lasting peace, stability and prosperity in the region, the official said on Tuesday.

“It is important that there be a sustained and resilient dialogue process between the two neighbours, and that all parties in the region continuously act with maximum restraint and work collaboratively toward reducing tensions,” the State Department spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the State Department said it is looking forward to the visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

“We look forward to the pr…

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