All 20 Playstation Classic Games Revealed But Are They Bad? – Ps1 Rant

What’s up gamers dreamcast guy here and i just got back to america a couple hours ago and i’ve been working on my Red Dead Redemption to review and suddenly some really interesting news drop that I want to talk about so you guys know that one of my favorite systems of all time is the original PlayStation it’s the system.

That turned me into the RPG fanatic I am today games like Final Fantasy 7 and all the cool RPGs like zero gears completely.

Changed my mind about the idea of storytelling and video games as an art form so when we originally got the teases about a.
PlayStation Classic I immediately pre-ordered it.

I dropped my $100 instantly day one because I thought that no.

Matter what it would be completely filled with great stuff to play well just a few minutes ago they at last revealed the full list of all twenty games that.

Will be on this device and honestly I’m a little bit conflicted now some of the stuff they have here is really really good I’m happy at about the fact that we are getting some good fighters some good horror and some really interesting puzzle games but the list itself is full of some very gaping holes so real quick let’s run through all twenty games first up Wild Arms if you’ve never played it.

It’s a really cool sort of western style RPG which is very fitting since I’ve got some Red Dead up here it’s pretty cool and it went.

On to make actually a very long series a very explorative very very interpreted style of role-playing games next up a twisted metal now this is a weird one because.

It’s the original twisted metal most people are absolutely in love with the sequel twisted metal – whereas three is my personal favorite so the fact that they only put the original on here is a bit weird but I guess if they could only select.

One it’s probably the probably best to select the first one so the next one is Tom Clancy’s Rainbow six this is a very old school very early 3d shooter that is fantastic something.
I’ve always liked about this especially when I was younger is the fact.

That it is so hard this came out in an era where the.

Bullet spongy hero first kind of came about where you could get shot 8,000 times and just keep walking where as in that game when you’re hit you’re pretty much dead instantly so you have to be sneaky you have to be careful and you have to worry about what your equipment is now let’s.
Look at what’s next which is Tekken 3 now of course they had.

To put this one on there Tekken 3 is a freaking brawling masterpiece seriously I’ve put about 500 hours into that game because not only can I beat up my friends it has stuff like the arcade mode where you can actually go along and play it like a beat’em up I think it was a really good choice and if you could only really choose.

A couple fighting games that’s a very strong one to go with so next up we have Syphon.

Filter and again it’s the first one instead of the seconds all three of the original Syphon Filter trilogy are super super fun I like the later games more the ones on like PSP Logan shadow and dark mirror but this one is still really really good its goofy its cheesy but I.

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