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Don’t think it’s aged very well I’m actually gonna be very curious to see how people receive it because honestly it is a lock-on focused shooter with a lot of stealth mechanics and I feel like without a lot of trial and error new people are not gonna quite get it it’s something that was from a different time next up we have super Puzzle Fighter 2 turbo which yes hell yes if you haven’t tried this it is so gleefully.

Fun it’s a it’s got multiple game.

Modes but each one today is basically your typical block breakers and it’s really really fun I actually find it super super invigorating and I’ve played so.

It just because I like those games that are super super sit down and play where you can play it for 20 minutes or 20 hours and you always feel like you’re getting the same amount of.

Out of it so next up we have Ridge Racer type 4 ok this is a pretty obvious choice I think Sony still owns all the rights to rage racer and Ridge.

Racer is fun if you’re gonna select a freaking racing game why not choose that but this also brings me to what I consider the first a very gaping hole which is why do you have Ridge Racer but not granted Moe gran turismo in my opinion is a vastly superior game it’s more simulation focused it’s got more progression in it and being able to customize individual pieces of my car it just makes the entire experience a lot more fun than just Ridge Racer which is basically awesome drifting next up a personal favorite of mine Resident.

Evil director’s cut holy heck.

The horror game that basically started at all this by many people is considered to be like the first truly mainstream horror game and so having it here is.

A very good choice it’s an obvious pick I mean how else are you going to freakin terrify people with these big blocky retro graphics I’m very glad about the fact that they chose the.

Director’s cut because they definitely made.

Some small choices in that redo of it they make the entire game a lot more fun another one is revelations persona now I.

Feel like a ton of people don’t even know what that game is and that’s part of why I’m so hyped that it’s on here it’s probably the game that in my opinion is the biggest surprise to this because the original persona was not particularly popular at the time it took that serious a very long time to really kind of get going and build.

Up a fan base so the fact that they’re actually going out on a limb and putting that game on here is pretty freaking awesome next up is Raymond and oddworld Abe’s Oddysee now both days I consider very very similar since they’re sort of 3d.

Puzzle platformers and both of them are very very cutesy they have their own cool aesthetic once more.

On the side of like bright and colorful and the other ones a little bit more like dark and surreal but I think both of them are extremely good games like seriously holy heck tip of the hat to PlayStation 4 getting both those. driller I feel like that one’s going to be a little bit more on the fence so here’s three in a row that I think are all three going to be probably the ones that are the most controversial which is mr. driller jumping flash and intelligent cube now all three of these are more puzzle focused games but also ones that are much more unknown and.

I think that these are a little bit more on the filler side and I say that as somebody who really really really enjoys playing mr. driller it’s really really fast and fun and having to deal with that oxygen meter is pretty intense but.

I still feel like they’re not exactly mainstream people are gonna be picking up this box in stores and being like oh good intelligence cube it seems like this is something that could have been better with a more typical Tetris or something okay so next up is Metal Gear Solid of course they were basically legally required to put this game on here because it’s frickin Solid Snake baby.

You gotta love it it’s quirky it’s bizarre and it still works so great I’m wondering if the back of the box is actually gonna have the code you need for the puzzle because remember at one point they actually asked you to pick up the game case in Metal Gear Solid to look up somebody’s ID numbers so I bet.

They’ll probably put that on the back of the PlayStation Classic just as a nice homage to that classic problem so next up is my very favorite – which is grand theft auto the original top-down game that everybody seems to forget about but I am ecstatic about in Final Fantasy 7 my favorite game of all time now both these games were so revolutionary and groundbreaking for the time period I mean they’ve really managed to.

Just basically shove all of gaming forward by a big amount even if you don’t particularly love the idea of the top-down graphical style of the original grand theft auto it’s hard to ignore the fact that this is freakin one of the first open-world games.

Ever and that’s so freaking cool to see nowadays alright so the last three is Destruction Derby which obviously is just a big cool Destruction Derby game with some cool smashing effects.

Cool borders – which is a snowboarding game that’s actually very very fun it’s very very fluid and.

It’s easy to get addicted to it simply because the mechanics work very very nicely it’s one of those games that doesn’t even have a tutorial.

Because they’ve designed it so tightly that.

They realize they could just drop you into a halfpipe and you’re gonna figure it out and the very last game.

Is battle or read battle arena toshinden which is a very good fighting game.

That also very overlooked they actually back in the day we’re trying to.

Make this super popular so they ported it all over the place I actually played all the battle arena toshinden games on PlayStation and Gameboy yes they made some very primitive Gameboy ports that still.

Worked pretty well I guess this entire list is okay I mean it’s not great and honestly I think it’s kind of bad because it sort of leaves this big gap of all the stuff that.

Should have been here where’s Chrono Cross where’s Xenogears where’s something more experimental like Suikoden where’s I don’t know so much this is one of those things where.

I’m not disappointed in the games we’re getting I just wish we had more I mean it’s one of the things where I think it would have been a smarter choice to maybe have.

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