All My Movies: The Only Movie Cataloguing Software You Will Need (10 Free Licenses)

Movie enthusiasts often have a large collection of movies stored on their hard drives. But rarely do they have a proper movie cataloguing software installed that complements their collection. Here to help is a desktop software called All My Movies.

movie cataloguing software

All My Movies is a movie cataloguing desktop application for Windows computers. The app can quickly add and catalogue the movies from your specified folders and add information to them by fetching it from the Internet. You are provided with various views to browse your movies including a bookshelf and thumbnail view. Information for the movies is provided alongside the movie-browsing interface. This information includes the movie’s MPAA rating, synopsis, cast, comments, director, genre, and more.


You can always open up a movie’s details for editing and edit any information that was received from the Internet. You can also add additional information such as screenshots and actor images. Other modifiable options include editing the fields of the movie such as its genre.

Overall, All My Movies is an excellent cataloguing software that can be used to better organize your movies. You can easily use it to keep track of movies you have watched and add your comments about them. The app comes in a 12 MB package and offers a 30 day trial. After that it can be purchased for $39.95.

The developers behind the service have been generous enough to offer 10 licenses for free to the first 10 commenters on this post.



  • A user-friendly desktop app.
  • Compatible with Windows computers.
  • Helps you catalogue movies stored on your computer.
  • Provides different views for browsing movies.
  • Fetches movie information from the Internet.
  • Lets you edit and add information for each movie.

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